J Skillz ON THE RISE …Get the 360 Fresh on the Botokiri movement

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J Skillz

J Skillz whose real name is John Adeotan Peter was born in Bariga, Lagos State and is from Igbokoda in Ondo State. At the age of 10, J Skillz joined the choir as a drummer in the church before the Choir Master discovered he could sing months later. He later became the lead singer in the church choir, an indication of things to come.

J Skillz” is a combination of his first name John and his nickname ”skillful” as he was called by his friends back then in secondary school because of his ability to play good football. J Skillz‘s greatest weapon is his voice together with his ability to write lyrically sound songs. J Skillz is a natural charismatic, energetic and infectious performer that can hold his audience captive for as long as he wants.

He has recorded songs with artistes like Deebee, Sparcoman, Prince Banton(House of Ginjah),Izee and his fellow label mates from Black MusicEnormoss and Oyinkansola all for his debut album ” MY LIFE” which is set to drop sometime soon..

He has also performed alongside artistes like Deebee, Koffi, Owen G, Weird MC, Trybson, Iyanya and DJ Zeez at various events.

His debut single (BOTOKIRI) is really rocking and is in heavy rotation on the radio; the video is receiving major airplay

The word BOTOKIRI means fun depending on what you see fun as.

Peep the Botokiri video below and let’s know what you think about J Skillz & his Botokiri movement

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8RMTf6J52kc [/youtube]



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  1. We are a culturally conscious and socially moral people.This sure won’t lead u to main stream.Jskillz more lyrics and less repititions would help.Nice beats tho.in all 3/10…..A lot more work man.

  2. @vhktor… i think u really need to listen 2 the song again, we all know a lotta dudes in the game who dont sing sh*t and yet they have their music all over the place but then you have someone this tight and then u score him 3/10??? besides dude do you work for the censor board or something because i think you ve got a whole lot to do to those who are actually pushing out stuffs that are immoral. well like i said earlier vhktor LISTEN k?

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