My Journey Into Fine Dining

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When we talk Fine Dining  we talk of  an experience that is utterly mind blowing, explosive, and never forgotten.

The fine dining experience starts from a chef’s vision, passion and artistry.  His/Her craving to create a master piece each time he sends a plate out of the kitchen.

How do I fit into all this?  My name is ‘Yemi Sangowawa and I’m a Swiss trained Gourmet Chef.  Yeah me, a dude, bloke, guy, chappie call it whatever …Lol…  I am a kitchen born dude, love the kitchen, die for the kitchen, and love good food.

This journey started when I was a kid, last born of 3 boys,  hanging on to mummy’s tails everywhere she went, licking the pots after cooking in those days.  It looks so far off yet so real I could touch it again.  I decided to embark on this journey into food from a different port of call.  I did not want to be like every other foodie out there,  I wanted to bring something totally unique and different to the table. I wanted to create art. Thus, my journey to one of the best culinary destinations in the world, Switzerland.

And believe it or not you’re in for the experience of your life walking with me on this journey.

The DudeChef

The DudeChef

I am building a brand called TheDudeChef. Will end up being a focal point for the male going into the kitchen and doin' right by his woman :) I am married with 2boys,worked in banking,telecoms and now followed my passion and now a Gourmet Chef. TheDudeChef right now is a consultant in all things culinary. Email me:


  1. Big ups man! Abeg pls show naija boys d way oh! we women like to put our feet up every once in a while ya know 😉

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