Video Review …Wale’s My Sweetie

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Wale - My Sweetie

After getting so much stick from his Pretty Girls video, Wale decides to release a new video to convince his fans that he loves them dark chocolate honeys too!!! His new video is for the Attention Deficit Album Bonus song (iTunes only) – My Sweetie which samples the 70s track by the Sierra-Leonean musician – Bunny Mack ‘Let Me Love You’ that was massive in Lagos, Nigeria  till the late 80s.

The video directed by DC’s own Tabi Bonney, has a Kid N Play House Party Theme to it. It shows Wale coming out from a Rolls Royce and entering into a jam-packed party scene with dark African Queens strutting & shaking their bums all over the place while waving the Green White Green Flags.

Although the video looks as if it was shot on a pretty low budget, it stills looks pretty decent & I feel proud watching Wale as he tries to connect with his Nigerian heritage – Spraying Money all over, the Mamas in the kitchen portraying African house parties at its best & general flexin.

I’ll give this video a 6/10. Don’t just take my word for it, take a peek at the video




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  1. Yeah i was going to say the same as AOT2. Both vids came out at the same time.
    Anyway i like the way he reps Naija in this song. He’s a DC boy, but he appreciates his roots. I also like that he samples the original ‘My Sweetie’ track. Big up!

  2. I am looking beyond the video’s lack of razzmatazz….but at the pure blissful feeling watching that song being sand by Wale and all those Ladies feeling like sweeties….it gets a 10/10 for that from me:D

  3. Y is everyone saying dis video is old …oyeakd never said it was new in the 1st place 2 begin with

    So people shouldnt review old videos again??? Abeg put comments that make sense …if it was a new post i’m sure they would put it under 360Fresh or it would be stated in the post itself.

    I’ll give d video a 4.5/10 and the song itself a 3/10.
    Like AOTA said …he souldnt have touched a 9ja classic

  4. Una funny o! oyeakd never wrote anywhere that it was a new video so y r u guys going on and on about d video being old.

    Just comment about d video and stop posting negative remarks everywhere

    felt d guy shouldnt have touched a classic.


    dont u guys read? just google it!


  5. Yeah! its an old video. But does it really matter? oyeakd never stated anywhere that it was NEW.

    Pls let’s be smart the way we put comments

    I’ll give the video a 4.5 & d track itself 3/10 …AOTA was rite; he shouldnt have touched a classic

    one last word RIP Da Grin …we miss ya

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