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After listening to his 2 previous mix-tapes – Get Money Stay Fly & The Affidavit (Download here and here), I am convinced that Beazy (real name: Afolabi Durotoye) is the next to blow in 2010 and is quite exceptional. He’s got excellent wordplay, smart punch lines, very catchy hooks & the fine boy looks.

Beazy’s flow is kind of different from what’s around Locally & Globally – a perfect blend for both the True Hip-hop Heads & the Commercial Music Fan-base. He has also worked with a bevy of talented artists and producers, such as Playbach, Sazzy, Phenom, Chykay, Kid Konnect, Bassey, Vc Perez, Ty Mix and many more.

Sources claim that this talented rapper has recorded close to 200 records and I’m left wondering – Dude! How come we ain’t seen an album yet? We’ll get one soon enough, I’m sure. Homebwoi is probably honing his skills and clearing all errors to ensure he delivers a masterpiece after the buzz he’s been creating in 9ja for over a year now.

Anyway peep his latest work below called Aint Nothing Changed and is produced by the versatile Kid Konnect:

Beazy – Aint Nothin Changed

If still in doubt of his prolific flows, watch the video – Been on the Low


For more of his materials, visit him on his myspace @ http://www.myspace.com/beazymusic

Let us know what you think about Beazy.



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  1. Not bad video…i’m a fan of his work and can’t wait for his album….stupid, bad day,blow your mind and head ringing freestyle – some of my fav tracks of his still

    p.s….lumidizzle is HOT!!!! 🙂

  2. Beazy is definitely among the new school naija artists thats gonna do big things for the country and the continent…… #realtalk…

    hi mom 🙂 …. ok…. goodbye

  3. Nice one,I first saw this video 3years ago when he released it,im sure he’s gonna do big things..we are watching.P.S The mixtapes are MAD!!!

  4. His flow might be different from what we have in nigeria and africa now,but on a global scale?? Nah. Beazy is good,scratch that, he is better than loads of so called rappers out there.But until he delivers an album lets not get ahead of ourselves.

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