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Having taken a brief hiatus from the clubbing and bar scene here in Vancouver (same shit different day) this weekend I decided to stay home and refresh myself with Sex and The City Movie before the second part comes out.

The first time I saw the movie I was mostly immersed in the fashion. I drooled over the Vivienne Westwood wedding dress Carrie got jilted in.

Is it stupidity or am I merely being tres cynical that Carrie Bradshaw, after 10 years of suffering and being abandoned at the altar (well she almost got there) marries Mr Big???  Has she not suffered enough!!

Is Hollywood acknowledging that there really is a shortage of GOOD MEN???  So one must really settle for less!!!  GOD HELP US!

As I watched SATC, I could not help but think about my own Mr Big!!!  Why the hell did I stay for so long…it was not like he was rich and or half as charming as the real Big.  Even with all his crap..I went back..again and again and again..until it was not even possible to go back!!!

Why do we women settle for less!?!

I was recently told cheating is not enough reason to dissolve a marriage!  The way I see it, if he can cheat..he can do any other thing just as bad including clear your bank account or even worse. After all, he has no respect for you!…dishonest is dishonesty…PERIOD!

I can imagine you guys rolling your eyes at your screens and saying its not as black and white as that!

Now unlike most women I don’t think all men are bastards! I think a guy will only get away with what you allow him to get away with!!

But I put this to you….WHERE ARE ALL THE NON-BASTARDS!?!! why are they hiding?? or better still WHERE do they all congregate?

They really need to come out!! ‘cos i don’t know about y’all, but I’m about tired of this crap!!!



Galactic Musings: a very 'unladylike' view to fashion. Working her way up the fashion industry, Tinu Adesugba definitely knows what she's talking about. She has been living in Vancouver, Canada for the past two years working hard on her fashion domination by day and as a twitter addict at night.


  1. Methinks its Hollywood and America’s issue.

    I know plenty good men. Ok, I kid! But my bf is a GREAT man, he’s not perfect but I’m grateful.

    There’s no perfect guy but there are many good men with imperfections (mr. big)

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