HYPE 360 – K16! Listen to Oya, School Daze & Naija Stand Up

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Obinna Nwaobasi aka K16 is from Mbaise in Imo State, Nigeria but was born in the UK. After witnessing the birth of the Hip-hop culture first hand, he was fascinated by the new genre and immediately starting writing. Already a keen poet, the transition was a natural progression. K16 became one of the members of Nigeria’s first ever Hip-hop group, ‘Emphasis’ (Other members were the Anyanwu brothers: Obi aka O.B. & Okeh aka Capt OIA)

The group recorded a demo with Scratch, an American Producer who had come back to Nigeria to discover his roots and “Which one you Dey” was born. They submitted the demo to the Lekki Sunsplash Annual Christmas Concert/Talent Show. Emphasis Came 2nd in the completion and won an EP deal with Polygram (Now Premier Music)

Which one you Dey” and “Cool Down No Vex” were nationwide radio hits. Indigenous Pidgin English Rap music. The first of its kind (YES Boss! Before Junior & Pretty). During the recording of their debut album WAZOBIA, the group broke up. All the artists were very young and there was too much parental pressure to abandon music and focus solely on education.

K16 left for the UK to live and hone his mic skills. He returned to 9ja in 2008 and got signed to Ikuku Records. Right now, K16 is working hard on completing his debut solo album titled the RETURN OF THE BADDEST with top level producers and guest collaborators, It will definitely be an eclectic album.

The first official single off the album – OYA can be peeped below. Produced by Knighthouse, it promises to be a big summer anthem and should remind 9ja what they’ve been missing in K16’s absence.

K16’s Stunning new EP entitled TRIBUTE TO THE SOUTH is also set for online release on the 10th of June 2010. Recorded entirely with American Producers, it is his homage to the Dirty South/Crunk beats which he fell in love with after listening to the Young Jeezy vs.VS Rick Ross mixtape.

School Daze & Naija Stand Up are 2 bangin tracks off the EP and u can get familiar with ’em below. EP will also include tracks like ‘ Free me Jor and the DaGrin final Yarns sixteen bar freestyle’. Full free downloads will be available from June, 10, 2010 & it is destined to be an instant Naija hip hop classic.

Listen to these 3 tracks below or U can also download them here

K16 – Oya

K16 – School Daze

K16 – Naija Stand Up



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  1. I love school days. It reminds me so much of my uni. very nice track Mr K16. naija musicians have really stepped up their game

  2. This is real naija hip hop. Thumbs up. If the rest of the mixtape is this good, i will definitely be waiting. Thanks for the post.

  3. please who rapped last on that Naija stand up track??? the guy is the hardest of the three ….and he asked some really serious questions..more power to K16,…cant wait for the album.

  4. My kind of hiphop. Not the usual swagger, boasting crap. K16 just won it for me. I like his verse content the best and his rapping style is nice. Having said that, the other rappers were also good. Fresh styles all round. Kudos.

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