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So a lot of things are happening in Nigeria.  Many sense we are at a crossroads!

I’m writing without editing my thoughts so please excuse me if my opinions and feelings are not aligned with the usual attempt to avoid offending anyone…

My heart bleeds for this country. While other nations discuss complex issues we are still in the playground on the merry-go-round tossing elementary issues such as “constant electricity” and “basic healthcare” around.

If our leaders weren’t blinded by ignorance and greed….if our leaders operated with a knowledge that they were infinitely accountable to Nigerias citizens….if our leaders took their heads out of their navels long enough to see that we are a vegetable nation on shaky life support equipment….wouldn’t they JUST DO IT.

How many people must die,how many more years must the average Nigerian suffer. How can they NEVER once publicly and purposefully address “Jos”!? Did they see those children? How do they sleep at Night?

Wait maybe some specialist somewhere can fund “common sense” transplants so we can move on.

Nigeria is my country, its the nation my ancestors built with pride….its the nation I’d like to raise a family in…but I don’t know how?

I’m frustrated…I’m angry..mostly I’m disappointed.

So as we take on a new leader, I pray the “goodluck” trickles down to that lonely child with no hope, that angry worker with no rights, that suffering patient with no light in sight…

We are a beautiful nation….so blessed…we just need to make it happen..

All citizens stand up…speak out…Register To Vote (RegisterSelectVoteProtect) …and always remember to Be The Change you expect.



More than just another Soul singer, her music evokes a sensitivity mirrored in her person. For her, music is an unscripted adventure. She is unafraid to raise her voice for what is right. A sensitivity to matters of the heart, of life and of her environment. With music as her weapon, she seeks to continue to be relevant. Welcome to "Nigeria Thru My Eyes" with LamiNATION.


  1. I love this and I am so with you… i wondered and still ponder how come Jos was never addressed. Its scary and sad and as much as the doubts seem to rush in I get jolted back up to belief when pple like you, eldee, bubusn and the youths lend their voices to speak and make sure to be heard. They say power changes hands but the system remain the same i say give this power to we the youths and we would make sure these greedy leaders take the walk of shame. I only pray God give us the strength to hold on a lil longer and take back our LAND!

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