Get the 360Fresh on Gaise and his follow follow cut

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Gaise, an Afro Fusion Artist signed to Sanctified Records, is set apart based on his music style & content. He aims to inform, entertain and positively impact lives of young people all over the Country.

Get familiar with his new track titled ‘Mr Follow Follow‘. It’s kinda of interesting the way he breaks it down. Watch out for his debut album later this year.

Gaise – Follow Follow

  Gaise - Follow Follow.mp3 (3.1 MiB, 3,579 hits)



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  1. Gaise!!!! You are just the best. Wish you all the best. cant wait for your album….or is it out?? One luv man…all the way from clf!

  2. Gaise, this your song is really nice, so what do I call my hubby, if not BABY (Baba tise or wat?)… na wa for u ooo.

  3. This is beyond d local inspiration and Nigeria as is born out of tertiary Faith and international rhemaMEDITATION.God bless your mind,spirit,body and ur Work in Jesus name.keep it upmost

  4. Hey, Gaise. Dis song is da Bomb! So true, funny and realistic. Keep changing and impacting others thru music. U just very much like ASA. We need more pple lyk u in d music industry. Waiting 4 ur album. U da BEST!

  5. dis song is tyt…true lyrics, nyc rhymes… really great.
    im def on d long list of those waitn 4 ur album, or rather waitn 4 u to explode.
    all d best.

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