360 Listening EAR Independence Day Special Introduction: Nigeria’s Top 50 Songs(1960-2010)

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Nigeria’s Top 50 Songs(1960-2010) Introduction & Teaser

From now to October 1st, 360nobs will be counting down our top 50 Naija songs that have been released from 1960 till date. Please stop by often to see those who made the final 50.

Nigeria’s Top 50 Songs (1960 – 2010) was chosen from 237, 516 Songs by a strong panel of 6 music lovers whose collections span from 8-tracks to 12 & 7 inch vinyls to tapes to CDs to iTune Libraries to iPODs to mp3s to ogg files. Their ages are 16, 24, 32, 41, 49 & 68.

The selection process took ‘4weeks, 2broken glasses, a purchase of an Awolowo picture (?), 1 angry landlord & 1 work query‘ to conclude.

Hope u enjoy it. Constructive criticism is fully allowed. Please no insulting comments. Just WORK IT OUT!

No record sales or related information were used to determine them and they were chosen based on personal opinions, popularity, quality, originality, creativity & the VOCAL DROPS Rating System (please check any of the album reviews for the meaning of the acronym).

This top 50 Nigeria Songs does not in any way represent the whole Nation’s opinion.  We sincerely apologize for any songs we may have missed out on during the selection process. We will always be your biggest fans

As we count down, let us know which songs u think should be in Nigeria’s top 50 and which ones shouldn’t have made it.

Please list your own Top 50 Songs and post it in the comment box or send to submission@360nobs.com.

To wet your appetite, we have the 50 songs below (in no particular order) that didn’t make the final cut into the top 50. With these ones just narrowly missing out, u can start to guess just how TITE the top 50 tracks will be. There is a notable absentee from the list – “You’re My Sweety & Suga” by Bonny Mack who only didn’t make it cos he isn’t Nigerian (He would been no4 if he was).

We would also like to make honorary mentions of these 4 tracks which we couldn’t get our hands upon – Tina Onwudiwe (RIP) – “Don’t Know Why, Zaaki Azzay – “Yara“, Tony Okoroji – “Chi Chi“, Chief Dr Sikiru Ayinde Barrister – “Fuji London Garbage“, Obesere – “To Si Be” & Uche Ibeto – “Jigida” (I remember kids standing in front of the TV shaking their hips and shouting cha cha cha). If u have any of these songs, pls send thru – oyeakd@360nobs.com. Also listen to DM Squared ft Jodie – Nigeria Go Survive Reloaded. Track is yet to create a madd buzz but definitely has potential.

Yup! Get familiar!


2Face – Nfana Ibaga(No Problem)

9ice – Gongo Aso

Adewale Ayuba – Bubbling (Remix)

African China – Mr President

Asa – Jailer

Baba Dee ft 2Face, Obesere & Sound Sultan – Sodi Yeh(remix)

Banky W – Lagos Party

BigLo ft 2Shotz – Delicious(remix)

Bongos Ikwe – Whats Gonna Be

Chris Ajilo – Eko O Gba Gbere

Christie Essien Igbokwe – Ka Anyi Gba Egwu

D Banj – Gbono Feli Feli

Danny Wilson – Original Bad Boy

Dr Alban – It’s My Life

Dr Victor Olaiya – Omo Pupa

ElDee ft Olu Maintain, OlaDELe & Mr Capable – Big Boy

Fatai Rolling Dollars – Won Kere Si Number

Faze – Originality

Fela Kuti – Lady

Femi Kuti – Sorry Sorry

King Sunny Adé – Ja funmi

King Wasiu Ayinde Marshall – Talazo

Kris Okotie – Abc

Mad Mellon – Danfo Driver

Mandators – Rat Race

Mandy Brown – Taxi Driver

MI ft Djinee – Safe

MNC – Igwe

Mode 9 ft Nnena – Cry

Naeto C – Kini Big Deal

Nigga Raw ft Klint Da Drunk – Obodo(remix)

Onyeka Onwenu ft King Sunny Ade – If U Luv Me, U Go Wait For Me

Oritz Wiliki – Wanted

P Square – No One Like U

Plantashun Boiz – Knock Me Off

Plantashun Boiz – Plantashun Boiz

Ras Kimono – Rumbar Stylee

Sauce Kid – San Bori Bobo

Sound Sultan – Mathematics

Stella Monye – Oko Mi Ye

Tera Kota – Lamentation For Sodom

Terry G – Free Madness

Timaya – Timaya

Tony Tetuila Ft Plantainshun Boiz & Ruff, Rugged & Raw – Omode Meta

Tony 1 Week – Gyrate

Trybes Men – Oya

Weird MC – Ijoya

Xtasy – E Je Ka Jo

Yvonne Maha – Wings Of A Dove

We apologise to any of the artists/music labels/bodies  that are/will be featured in this article who may find it abusive, disrespectful or unsuitable. Upon notification to remove any of their materials, we will do so immediately.

Special thanks to Comb & Razor & Likembe (John B. Milwaukee) – their blogs were immensely useful; our friends, parents, egbons & aunties



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  1. Don’t knw if its my bb o..but I avnt been able to download songs from ur site..pls can u look into for me pls…d last song I downloaded from 360.com was waje’s ada nd since den I avnt been able to download…help…btw can’t wait for d real countdown

  2. wat Onyeka Onwenu & Sunny Ade – If U Luv Me, U Go Wait For Me didn’t make it

    i cant wait to see who did then

    there are better be no rubbish song in there o 🙂

    good idea 360nobs

    i duff my hat 2 una

  3. I can only imagine what the list would look like… So much work has gone into getting the top 50 songs in Naija. This is what a real countdown should be like, extensive research. Anyhoo, keep it up and i am most definitely waiting for the top 50 songs…

  4. I have to say that this list is slightly baffling to me. Rather than the top 50 for 50 years, it feels like it’s the contemporary hit parade: Out of 50 songs, a good half of them are from the last 10 years… Only 6 are from before 1980. Are the compilers suggesting that there were hardly any great songs out of Nigeria in the first 20 years of her history?

    How does it work that Plantashun Boiz get a good TWO mentions while a legend of the stature of SONNY OKOSUNS of all people doesn’t merit even ONE!

    I can’t ride with this list at all, unfortunately.

  5. Damn… Delete my comment above, please.

    I’m a bit illiterate early in the morning so I didn’t realize that the list above are the tracks that DIDN’T make the countdown.

    My bad!

  6. Nice one! I can only imagine how dope the top 50 will be. Christy Igbokwe’s ‘seun rere’ better be no. 1.That song is such an epic…

    1. Boss Joey, u no see P Square – No One Like U for the list
      and bsides dis is just the 1s dt did not make itt, wait until they release d real list.

      personally i dont even think psquare should make it, they copy a lot. They will b in Nigeria top10 artists but top 50 songs ..heck no

  7. If dis is d list dat made d countdown den I must say I suprised dat u made some omissions….nothing on d list 4rm lagbaja,tetuilas MY CAR isnt here,2face AFRICAN QUEEN isn’t here eida,daddy showkey-MY MAMA,femi kuti-bang bang………den YAHOOZE is also missing…HOW???

  8. Most of these songs,especially those from the late
    90’s till date didn’t even rule the airwaves for a year or two
    As good as yahooze was I don’t think it my kids will ever hear it on radio
    Cos it would be dead and forgotten..while I can still play Femi kuti,
    African queen,
    And pls where is Daddy showkey’s Dyna,blackky’s-can I have a dance..
    These are evergreen songs inclunding Majek fashek’s send down the rain.whoever complied this list is a circus clown

  9. I think this is a great great great compilation! Not everyone’s favourite songs could have made it in here!

    But i think 2face – African Queen should have been here. It has become a global hit track and the most recognizable Nigerian song abroad in the last decade.

    But great job, am soooooo loving this and thanks for the links too!

  10. @OYEAKD, great stuff, i didnt read the intro in full…

    Now, i just cant wait for the list itself! Great innovation! And great job guys!

  11. Can’t believe I can get all these songs so easily. I’ve been searching for some for the past 3 years. Tanx alot bro u made my day!

  12. Please please onyeakd can you upload the Nigeria 99 theme song that featured oritz wiliki, soultan Abdul and others. It goes something like “welcome to Africa, welcome to Nigeria 99, welcome to the land where milk and honey flows”

  13. I love all the songs, beautiful line up, I just need to know if all is fused together for one download. Cos it’s an impressive collection.

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