360Recommends: “A Prelude To The Future” Mixtape

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So as the weekend descends on us and the offices get left with tons of unused bandwidth, we are giving those of u without home internet a reason 2 go to work on Saturday.

WE PLUG GOOD MUSIC presents “A Prelude to the future” which is a collection of sound recordings featuring 20 emerging artists in HIP-HOP, SOUL AND SPOKEN WORD

WE PLUG GOOD MUSIC has added so much to the online music community by always putting up emerging music that commercial radio doesn’t play with the aim of pushing the true art form of music and NOT necessarily what the industry calls ‘good’. Now together with 20 of the most promising emerging artists they have started ‘The Future is NOW’ project beginning with this “A Prelude to the future” mixtape.

This mixtape contain specially selected artists with real GOOD music for your listening pleasure… We want you to get to know these artists as we believe they are the FUTURE

To wet your appetite before going ahead to download listen to exclusive BRAND NEW records from WAJE, KEL & NAIRA

Yup! Get familiar!

Kel – Little Things (prod. by Remot)

Naira – Nickels, Dimes & Pennies (prod. by Kid Konnect)

Waje -To The Top (prod. by Remot)

Download the Mixtape for free



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  1. Some of the track on this mixtape are proper banging. If you love good music, u definitely want to download this. Kel is hot, Waje is fantastic, Loving the BB architects, the soothing voice of shanaz dorsett, the playful named musical intercourse by EOM. I am loving this. Well done to We Plug Good Music, pun intended. 😉

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