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Beautifully captured moments from Alistair Englebert Preston of life around Lekki Pennisula(Phase 1), Lagos as people hustle for a decent living. We would have called this collection Okada Stories but then it evolved hence the title: Lagos Hustle.

What do you think of these pictures?  What do you see when you see these? Have your say.  What is your hustle?

Nnamdi Patrick

Nnamdi Patrick

Nnamdi Patrick is probably zany, but he has got a keen eye for fancy gizmos, photography and sartorial sensibilities. As well as being a lawyer and consultant specialising in natural resources law and policy, he is also a fitness boffin and supports the greatest football team in the world.


  1. deep shots… tells the story of the lower class in a particular area but it culd tell more if shots of middle & upper class hustling in d same hood, were included… ‘just my opinion anyways.

    Great Job

  2. Lovely pics, beautifully taken. I wish it showed more range though. One would think 75% of Lagosians r okada riders. Wot about market places, those water barrel pushers, Danfo, mechanics etc?

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