360Fresh: From Project Fame With Love… It’s Tolu With Some Arewa

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Project Fame West Africa is known for baking successful artists; in case you have forgotten, the names Iyanya, Mike Anyasodo and new comer Chidinma should ring a bell… but i’d love to shift your attention to dem other contestants…

…Have i got your attention? …Lego…

He’s been singing since the age of 11; He attended a Baptist Church choir where he gained his musical experience; He’s been to many music competitions and other big events but he finds satisfaction being able to sing to prolific gospel artists such as Donnie Mcklurkin, Kim Burrel and Kirk Franklin in the BET auditions, singing the national anthem at the Eagles Square in Abuja and singing at the House on the Rock Jam Mega Festival.. *sigh* Yes …dude’s got passion for what he does.

Tolulope Abraham Adesina, who is a singer, producer, songwriter and lover of arts originates from Ogbomosho in Oyo State; He lived in Kaduna but now based in Las Gidi. He has acquired a diploma in architecture and after the Project Fame Show… well he’s out with his first single titled “Arewa

Now i dont wanna know how many times you’ll play this track (his voice is addictive …seriously), but if you burn our Press► button – I know where you live (just kidding …or maybe not).

But more importantly Share beautiful music people …there’s love in doing that.


[audio:https://www.360nobs.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/Tolu-Arewa.mp3|titles=Tolu – Arewa]

  Tolu - Arewa (6.5 MiB, 2,158 hits)



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  1. He has a fantastic voice, very talented young man. Now he just needs to be cleaned up properly. If he’s going to be singing love songs to girls, then he needs to clean up his image. A hair cut would be a good place to start.

  2. very 1daful voice…bt the producer did nt do a perfect job…the beat and instruments played overpowered his voice especially in the chorus…pls do a rmx wif mike anyasodo

  3. As far as I’m concerned u av a wonderful voice n da hair cut doesn’t matter, so jst be u. I’ve seen u n does who av eyes n know ow to use it well know dat u r a very decent dude.

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