360Performances: MI2 Album Launch

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A day before the album launch party, MI2 had already become one of the most successful albums in terms of sales …it had broken all the on-line sales onNotJustOK and the other Nigerian sites; reported in Alaba to have moved over 300,000 copies in its 1st day (did I mention that the distribution deal was for N20million) and #MI2 was also trending as no7 worldwide on Twitter.

Any doubts I had of the album was completely erased by M.I‘s performances. Dude killed it. I loved the whole concept: the story-telling, the humour, the features, the actors (Jesse played MI’s mother, Loose Kaynon let loose, we saw a softer side of Timaya, Praise was introduced, Ice Prince had to learn Ibo for his parts), the main chick (Wots up Waje …u have the voice of an angel), the killings (the horror @ Jos will never be forgotten …our hearts go out to those who lost people ..God will be your strength), the joy, the pain, romance, the action, the drama, the crowd response (heck our own Nobs performed with them). It’s probably the best album launch event ever done in Nigeria even down to the time-management …as MI put it, “this show is probably the realest 3D movie u’ll get to see @ Silverbird

360nobs proudly brings to you the 1st 2 Chapters of the MI2 Album Launch event and a Choc Boiz interview done before the show. The other chapters will be showing in a Cinema near u in future.

Yup! Get familiar!



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  1. Kudos to MI and the team that put together the “MI2” movie. It was a really thrilling experience, and after I bought & listeneded to the album, it gave it an entirely new experience!

    What I truly hope is that they make a special “double-cd” with the docu-film & the music, I’d definitely pay money for that!

    MIis a talker, he’s serious, he’s a joker, but ultimately, he’s talented. This is one album, (and I would be honest), I really didn’t ‘anticipate’, because how they kept going back & forth about the album release, but the end product has totally blown me away!

  2. I miss the M.I of Talk About It … yes this is a change … but this is definitely second-rate to almost everything on ‘Talk About It’ and the uber awesome ‘Illegal Music’ Mixtape … and i hope he does realise it soon … Can’t dispute the fact that there’s good beats and rhymes on here … but MI … Mister Incredible, Most Immaculate, Mic Inspekta, MC Interrogator, Music Innovator, Mankind Illustrator can do much, much better …
    And so we … the diehard, hardcore fans … would wait … for MI2 to become MI again!!

  3. Have to agree with ronke!a lot of my pals think the same too,I’m not beefing it’s really true I expected more but this album is way below the bar he set for himself with his previous albums,hope some people tell him d truth so he can go back to our tite MI.

  4. opinions are like shirts( actually i dnt wana be vulgar),everyone, they say, has got one. I av listened to a few tracks off the album and based on that, I quite agree with Olaronke and Ola….but we are not saying he’s the best, we are just asking who’s better….he’s number one and the rest shd kip counting…peace

  5. The posters saying he could’ve done better may have a point. But I think he has sacrificed some technical points to make a truly excellent concept album. This hasn’t been done in Nigeria since the eighties; where artistes make a CD around a concept or story or feeling.

    Kanye has just done the same with My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy which is truly the best rap album this year. That CD tells a story and captures a moment in Kanye’s life. This is what I think this CD does for M.I. I congratulate him for taking a risk and producing an album the way an album should be produced.

  6. I think it wz aaight but he didnt giv us any party bangers like “anoti” of “talk about it”. Gud job anyway, “imperfect me” is an instant classic!

  7. I JUST LOVE MI!!!!! I don’t know what u mean by ‘he could have done better’,….HE OVER-DID IT FOR ME!!! GOD BLESS MI!!!

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