360Recommends: 2face – Excuse Me Sister (Video & Song)

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Nigerian Music “Unstoppable” icon 2Face Idibia releases yet again another video to further cement the fact that he is UNSTOPPABLE.

Taken from his “Unstoppable” (Note: Not The International Edition), “Excuse Me Sister” has been revamped with slightly different beats for the madt video. This joint might end up as a bonus cut on the International Edition CD.

Love the song, the dance, the sports apparel theme and the restaurant concept. 2Baba continues his shine.

Sneaked in the mp3s of the album and video rip versions as well as the lyrics. Joint is hot!

Yup! Get familiar!

2Face – Excuse Me Sister(Album version)

2Face – Excuse Me Sister(Video Version Rip)


Excuse me sister. Can I ask ya? /Can you tell me what ya name and how you existing gal.
Excuse me sister, come here baby/ Can you tell what’s your game and how you feeling down.
Excuse me sisterCan I ask ya? / Can you tell me what’s ya pain and why you feeling down?
Excuse me sister. I’m not a preacher/ but I know you’ll go insane if you keep on going down.

[Verse 1]
With all the fighting and the shooting and the killing gal (yes o!).
From the brutality that you dealing with in the city gal (yes o).
With all the lies and all the men that is deceiving ya (yes o, yes o).
These are the things I don’t want you to live with anymore.
But how do I start to tell you how I feel about ya?
When I think about ya. How I want want ya.
How I want to stand up for ya.
Anytime I see you, my eyes dey fill with water.
I will start to wonder why the world is so cold to such a lovely sister.
Excuse me. I want to show you how a man is suppose to love a woman.
Excuse me. I want to stand by your side till the end. Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey.

[Repeat chorus]

[Verse 2]
Now I know that you don’t know what to believe in anymore.
It’s like the system is what you fighting for.
But all they do is confuse you ever more.
These are all the things I don’t want you to live with anymore.
But how do I start to really really convince ya.
That I want to hold ya life, I am the savior.
Every time I look into your eyes I see desire.
And I want to be the one to stand up for and fulfill the dream of a such a lovely sister.
Excuse me. I want to hold ya. Walk together, pray together through the stormy whether.
Excuse me. Stand by your side and say no shaking until the end. Hey hey.

[Repeat chorus]

Excuse me. I wanna be with… I wanna
be with… let me be your liberation. I wanna be with…
excuse me sister. Can I ask ya. Can you tell me what’s
your name and how you existing gal.
Excuse me. Let me be the one that got you on his heart.
Excuse me. Wanna..

Lyrics source: Paroles-music.com



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  1. 2baba is unstoppable, unbeatable, unreachable

    had to double check on your statement of excuse me sista being on the unstoppable album and not the intl ed. and u r rite.

    it gives me joy to go to a site where they carry out their research well. Hence my 1st post

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