360Recommends: MI – Undisputed Champion

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There’s no denying MI changed the face of Nigerian Hip-Hop/Rap game (Yes I know, Mode 9ine also played a big role) since busting unto the scene with “Talk About It” – one of the only 2 albums to ever get rated as a CLASSIC by the Nigerian Listening EAR (The other is 2Face’s Unstoppable Intl Edition). Rap-heads, Commercial Alaba Heads, Lady Gaga & Justin Bieber fans all fell in love with his music and he carted away numerous awards in the process as well as receiving a BET Awards nomination along with P-Square.

Ever since the news dropped that MI would be quitting music for roles alongside Nollywood’s finest, people have continued to doubt if this short black boy that seems to have been born with a mic in his hand would truly quit the rap scene. Luckily, we continued to get verses from him on various tracks he featured on or produced. (The most recent being Hennessy Artistry 2010 Theme SongLike A Bottle“)

It’s my pleasure to bring to you the Official Single “Undisputed” that will be on his début movie. We’ll to thank Chocolate CityMI for forgiving us and forgetting the whole “One Naira” incident (but sh*t! The joint was FIRE!)

I do believe that MI is UNDISPUTED! Heck he even made my top10 rappers dead or alive!

Love the track! Naija Stand up! J-Town Stand up! fcuk it, AFRICA STAND UP! What do u guys think?

Did I ever tell u guys my top10 rappers dead or alive? It’s after the joint. Feel free to drop ur personal favourite 10 rappers.

Yup! Get familiar!

MI – Undisputed

oyeAKD’s Personal Favourite Top 10 Rappers

10 – Busta Rhymes
9 – MI
8 – Rakim
7 – Rick Ross
6 – Kanye West
5 – Andre 3000
4 – Lil Wayne
3 – Eminem
2 – JayZ
1 – Notorious BIG



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  1. 1.Eminem
    3.Jay z
    4.lil wayne
    5.kanye west
    6.Rick Ross
    7.Nicki minaj(yes i said it)
    8.Ice prince(cant wait for the album)
    10.XO senavoe.(everybody should watch out for dude)

  2. 1. Biggie smalls
    2. Tupac
    3. Eminem.
    4. Scarface
    5. Ice cube
    6. 50 cent
    7. Rob base
    8. Jazzy b of soul 2 soul
    9. Ruggedman
    10. Mi

  3. i absolutely love MI..he is ingenius and just awesome..
    he should keep doing his thing and forget about Nollywood oooo..wetin be Nollywood?psheeeewwww

  4. ds short black boi neva ceases 2 amaze us..he’z amazed us wiv hs outta-ths-world flows nd hot lyrics. He’s an amazing rapper, activist, song writer, role model…..i think it wont be a bad idea to add ACTOR to the list. Keep doin ur thing, M.I.

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