BeazyMusicMondays: Beazy ft Dr Frabz – Over N Over

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Mondays are the most Beazy days of the week. What better way to take the stress off than to kick back and listen 2 Beazy Music Mondays. We are in Week 14 and today’s #BeazyMusicMonday track sees the release of Beazy’s official second single.

Over N Over” is produced by Shank & features Dr Frabz on the hook (No, that’s not a typo). The joint is a break up song we can all relate to. As usual, Beazy delivers his bars effortlessly and tells the story of love gone wrong artfully as if it was tales by moonlight.

This is some heat right here, there’s no need for that early morning coffee. Just plug in those earphones and get familiar!

38 more Beazy tracks coming soon to a Monday Near U.  See u all soon!

[audio:|titles=Beazy ft Dr Frabz – Over N Over]

  Beazy ft Dr Frabz - Over N Over (4.8 MiB, 5,288 hits)

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Verse 1
She’s got me like “Damn girl, u’ve done it again/ I built us a bridge but u burned it again/ I thot it was love, I thot u a friend/ But u keep pushing/ I’m way past d bend/ Such a mess I am in/ So tempted to give in/ I wanna work it out/ But where do I begin/ Where do I fit in?/ I just wanna know/ B4 I go/ Cuz this the end/ I’ll miss u my friend/ But I gotta ghost/ Yeh we had some great times/ This is my toast/ Now the party’s over, u’ve been a great host/ I’m walking away/ And this hurts the most/ Lyk a ball to the post/ My hand’s on my head/ Knees to the floor like d man’s son is dead/ I took u from a flat/ Gave a mansion instead/ So y u gotta bring a strange man to my bed?/

Verse 2
I told u from d start, I’d do anything for you/ I must’ve lied cuz I won’t be a fool for you/ Girl straight up/ I won’t get played up/ ‘Least not again/ I swore the last time we made up/ I’m trying to get paid up/ U’re trying to get laid out/ Mi o raye bullshit/ Girl that’s played out/ So I told myself the next time u played out/ I’d kick u to the curb and be sure that u stayed out/ Cuz I’ve been on the hustle/ This shit is deep, I feel the pain in my muscle/ Sweat, tears and blood. Girl I did it all for you/ Does it make me a fool that I loved you?/ But I knew from d start/ That messing with you would be a gamble with my heart/ Still I played my hand/ What a shame that I lost/ Girl u’ll never understand/ The pain that u caused/



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  1. I downloaded it precisely 12 minutes ago and its on its 3rd play already
    I am going to love this one harrrrrd. I’m loving the “chineke me” “unu ge gbu madu le chai chai” at the end, LWKMD

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