From Fhanthom With Love

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Time goes by, faster than we think

But this day comes around only once a year

Not just so we think, or sit back and reminisce

On what could have been

But so we put meaning to every time that we spend;

With our family and friends

And to cherish our foes

Show them love because everyman deserves loving

Christmas is that time of the year that we all put our lives aside

Just so we can focus on our family and friends

It’s the time when we refuse to worry

It’s the time when all we think about is that Christmas dinner

It’s the time of hope

Knowing fully well the reason for the season

Im really not going to go into defining what Christmas should stand for

Because my definition for Christmas might not suit your circumstance

Jesus Christ being the reason for the season,

Means that what we can all relate to is God’s love

No matter the circumstance, His love conquers all

So keep loving the people that you think don’t deserve love

Not just today, but every other day

CHRISTMAS is the time to remember Jesus Christ

And as we do that we do it in Peace and Love

P.S santa doesn’t exist

I love you all

And I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.

Enjoy the rest of the year

God Bless you



My name is Danyel Onkar but pronounce that as FHANTHOM… I welcome you to my little corner as I make sure essence meets presence. I’m here every Friday so feel free to drop in… The doors will be open. Just incase you have made the cyber upgrade from facebook to twitter: Follow moi @fhanthom…. Shikena

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