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It’s officially the 1st of January 2011 and I just came home from a crossover service at Our Saviours church in Lekki.  I was a little down before going for the service as a result of the bombing(s) in Abuja and somehow during the sermon the preacher raised the issue again.

The sermon left me with certain unanswered questions?

When are we going to stop killing one another in the name of “trying to prove a political point?”

What is the government doing about these killings in Jos and Abuja?

Is the presidency operating from another planet all together and as a result are not affected by the disease known as “Nepa”?

When are we really going to move from “developing country” to a “developed Nation”?

Are we cursed as a Nation?

Why are the youths not allowed to become the future of the country?

I can go on and on but it will only make me angrier or even make me disregard this article.  I’m not a big fan of politics and for people that know me personally I don’t even engage in discussions sounding politics but recently the issue of “Enough is Enough” and R.S.V.P provided the likes of me with the hope that if we actually vote that MAYBE our votes MAY just count this time around and with that HOPE, I set out to search for my preferred presidential candidate.

I first came across his campaign poster on and just like I did with all the other presidential candidates, I clicked on it to read his biography and manifesto.  

Dr Abubakar Bukola Saraki, Governor of Kwara State, has experienced great success in both the private sector and public service.

  Born on 19 December 1962, Governor Saraki was raised in an independent Nigeria. He was educated in both Nigeria and the UK, and qualified and practiced as a doctor in London. Returning to Nigeria in 1989, Dr Saraki began a career in the private sector. For nearly a decade, he oversaw corporate development and expansion programmes within the financial industry.

In 2000, Dr Saraki was appointed Special Assistant to the President on Budget.  In this role he initiated the Fiscal Responsibility Bill.  Dr Saraki also served on the Economic Policy Co-ordination Committee, where he was responsible for the formulation and implementation of key economic policies. Having served effectively in those roles, Dr Saraki was appointed Chairman of the Presidential Committee on Non-Oil Revenue Generation.

With a vision to translate his experiences into progress for the people of his home state, Dr Saraki decided to run for Governor of Kwara State.

  He was elected in 2003, and in a demonstration of overwhelming support, Kwarans re-elected him in 2007.  As Governor, Dr Bukola Saraki has garnered National and international acclaim for his innovative approach to health and educational reforms.  His strategy of social and economic development, has been praised and emulated within Nigeria.

  Governor Saraki was elected as Chairman of the Nigeria Governors‘ Forum, was awarded the National Honour of Commander of the Order of the Niger, and continues to serve as a nobleman of high rank in his capacity as the Turaki of the Ilorin Emirate.

  Governor Saraki has worked tirelessly to bring progress and greater opportunity to Kwara State and the Nation as a whole.

On 20 September 2010, Governor Abubakar Bukola Saraki declared his candidacy for the Presidency of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.  

Governor Saraki stands to be the youngest elected president in Nigerian history, and the first President born into an independent Nation.

I was impressed that someone that young (49) was coming out to contest for the post of the president and I was also very impressed with his manifesto.

His Vision and Values are;


A developed country inhabited by prosperous citizens who lead long, healthy, dignified, creative and productive lives.


My plan for a prosperous Nigeria is built around the following values and principles:

1) I believe that social and economic development should benefit every Nigerian;

2) I believe in the agency of the individual to succeed;

3) I believe that the private sector should be the engine of growth, with government serving as enabler;

4) I believe that our youthful population is a precious resource that must be harnessed for National prosperity;

5) I believe in prosperity for all.

You can read more here or visit his website or even follow him on Twitter @bukolasaraki.

Dr Abubakar Saraki and Donald Duke were the young men I wanted to see in the presidential race but when I discovered that DD wasn’t running, I prayed so hard for Saraki to win.

I don’t know Dr Abubakar Saraki, I’ve never met him or intend to meet him but when I heard that he had to step down from the race due to some Northern concession or whatever the reason was, I felt bad because I really intended to vote for him.  Dr Saraki, if you ever get to read this, I really want you to know that some Igbo boy liked your plans, ideas and was ready to mobilize his family to vote for you.

I don’t know who was/is your answer but I had hope in Dr Abubakar Bukola Saraki.

May God continue to protect us and console the families of those affected by these religious and political killings, someday, we’ll live in the Nigeria of our dreams.

Long Live Nigeria!!!  Happy 2011!!!

Noble Igwe

Noble Igwe

Nobs is a SLU…shh trust fund kid who works just to exercise his body and mind. He’s “Unruly” but as calm as the “ABE” boys. Referred to as FYI (Fly, Young and Igbo) by his friends, Nobs says iT tHe wAy iT iS. Follow him on Twitter @nobsdaslushhkid Enough of the English language……..My name is Noble Igwe,go figure!


  1. 148 views and just one comment. No one interested or willing to get involved. Which is why politicians and crooks get away with murder. We really need to change our attityde to Nigeria as a people.

  2. I’m a 21 year old who’s being educated in the U.S and was ready to come home this year to vote as the upcoming elections would have provided me with a chance to vote for the first time ever. However the recent spate of bombings–as if murders weren’t enough–is very discouraging.
    I’m really getting tired of defending my country’s democracy to the white people and non-Nigerians in my Master’s program. After the successful transfer of power to Jonathan, I was really hopeful…and I’m really trying to remain so but it’s increasingly difficult.
    I’m not sure I would have voted for Saraki, but I was considering my options given viable and practical platforms and strategies for a better tomorrow. I wish more people would be dedicated to this struggle for development. We can be better, we have to…for our survival and that of our future.

  3. Ditto Nenge and Ready’s sentiments. We gotta do better as a nation.

    I wouldn’t have voted for Saraki but it’s encouraging to see young naijas take interest in the country/politics. We cannot continue to remain apathetic. Plus all this talk about concession and alternating power is so…ugh!! Is that why we are here? Since when did leadership/politics become a do or die affair? smh…

    I do hope the “Enough is Enough” and “RSVP” movements incite people to vote. We have to. Nigeria is dying a slow painful death and we need to revive it and take it back from all these “leaders” who do not have our best interest at heart.

    May the souls of all those who have died because of the greed, ineptitude and wickedness of our “leaders” RIP.

  4. i’m all for youth and all but being a kwaran (for those not in the know, means someone from kwara state) saraki is NOT and WILL NEVER BE THE ANSWER! this guys father basically rigged him into governorship the first time and the incumbency factor rigged him in the 2nd time! his father’s brand of politics of which he is a beneficiary is why naija is the way it is! and to buttress my point, his sister is being prepared by his father to succeed him as state governor…are these the sorts of characters young nigerians want to rule and shape affairs of our country these days?

    1. We all know its nearly impossible for a nobody to rise in politics in Nigeria without godfathers,Saraki or no Saraki,the truth is that the old generation of leaders have to go for our nation to move forward.

      1. sorry Mike but with your attitude i don’t think nigeria will move anywhere, why must we say in nigeria a nobody can’t be elected and accept it as a given? how about we change that and show saraki and his likes that God (via we the people) pass them….no more sarakis and no more amala-style politics! of all the people who have declared i’ll vote for ribadu first and failing that, goodluck cos atiku, buhari, saraki, the ovation dude and most of these other people are just there to thief money and bar the ovation dude, the rest have been in positions of power before and dem no really do much, buhari was anti-democracy by virture of being a soldier (same as Obj but obj terms don pass so i no go yan about am) and why he (and babangida) keep trying to be president every time an election cycle rolls around is beyond me….make dem siddon play “elder” statesmen and allow youth take charge for once. saraki pikin bukola na youth but e be tainted youth, no be hin kind youth we want, we want youths wey dey deliver irrespective of who dem match for leg (read people like fashola in lagos) and ribadu and even that ex-FCT minister el rufai and the current cbn governor…na the kind quality men wey suppose dey aspire to lead us wey we suppose dey blow dem trumpets be that not this bukola saraki clown and others like him

  5. Alibaba…I’m totaly wiv you on dis.Saraki is and can never be the answer.Perpertuity and Greed which is the xter of every nigerian is wat drove him towards this ambition not genuine interest in the country and its citizens.His father basicaly imposed on him on kwara and was to do the same with his sister,Gbemi even after serving 2 terms in the senate.
    I totaly dnt agree wiv dis writer.if you wanna sell young,I’d rather you go for Nuhu Ribadu.He is the most credible out of the lot.

  6. U’re a cock-sucker! you come here ‘copy and paste’ a presidential aspirants’ manifesto and try to sound original. Please do leave politics out of 360nobs’ joint! If and when Nigierians decide to elect the youth to govern them….saraki will NOT be our choice. you obviously were paid for this advertisement and believe me its an absolutely SHITTY attempt!

    1. if u’ld just bothered to finish reading the atticle before throwing insults at the writer u’ld have found out that Saraki is no longer running, so this cannot be an advert, cos he is no longer in the race.

  7. As I keep saying, I am waiting for my dark horse. I don’t think Nuhu Ribadu has what it takes to rule Nig just yet, jonathan I would vote to get change from the usual suspects but can he do the job? And help the economy? Buhari we all know will sweep things clean and we sorely need that but after cleaning can he rebuild? We want young and diff and innovative but Nig needs to get rid of the old before we can take on the world. Rid the civil service of dead wood and “evil” attitudes, change the innate corruption in our minds etc then we can come up with a new way of doing things. Or do both simultaneously. We need change but we need wisdom and strength/ ability more. 🙂

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