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Hi there, here is a casual chat that came up with Lami Phillips aka Lami.  Some of you already know her as a singer and songwriter, the lady who came out with one of the best songs of 2009/2010 ‘Know’ which featured MI (‘you know what to do, olowo ori mi’) and to some of you she needs no introduction.  Do you know she is also a UN Ambassador for Peace?(well, if you dont know, now you know).  Why, all this intro, please lets get to the reason we are here and YOU clicked on this link to read.

Lami, has never been afraid to use her VOICE to support what she believes in (I’m sure of this as i have heard her speak a few times – ps: i love well rounded thinking people and particularly artists that aren’t just about showing off their wares and accolades but also willing to give back to the society via their stardom).  She is a passionate lover of her country, Nigeria and with this passion she has birthed a campaign called BeTheChange.  

BeTheChange is an initiative that would address different community or National activities/issues once every few months (at least once a month) in a step to bringing a CHANGE to the Nigeria WE live in and a better Nigeria for our FUTURE.  Lami and her BeTheChange camp started with Register Select Vote Protect(RSVP) on the 19th of January 2011 with the help of well known people in the entertainment industry like IcePrince, Mr Obi Asika, Naeto C and eLDee by creating an awareness to the general youth of Nigeria able to vote to go out there and get their thumbprints scanned and inked for votes against the major elections that would happen in April, this year.

Below are questions asked with regards to the campaign as well as pictures and video clips of the registration activity and encouragement as to why this is something we need to do as a Nation.

Please read.

What is the motivation behind the ‘BE THE CHANGE’ campaign?
Wow! I’m not sure if the word “motivation” quite coins it. It feels more like a sense of urgency and obligation. All my five senses are tuned to our issues as a Nation and though I get overwhelmed by how far it seems we are from getting it right, I figure if I put one foot in front of the other…somehow the process of change will begin. Mostly, I see and hear a lot of us Nigerians complain about the situation and I wonder “What have you contributed to making a difference”?. “Like MJ said…I’m starting with the man in the mirror. “BeTheChange” is simply saying “be the change that you expect”.  Own the responsibility. Own the Nation you are a part of…..DO SOMETHING….TRY HARDER.

Why bother to run the campaign?

I don’t see it as a bother.  I see is as my responsibility. I don’t know what effect it’ll all have but I strongly believe that it’ll snowball into positive change

Who is your audience and how do you know your effort will not constitute preaching to the choir?
“Audience”…lol..its not a stage…its me going out and being a part of my community.  So, if there’s anyone who wants to be a part of the change then I’m talking to them.  If there’s anyone who is constituting a nuisance to the change we need them.  I’m challenging them.  If there’s anyone who thinks we can’t be better…well by virtue of my actions I’m hoping to change their minds.  We are a great Nation, we are great People…we just need to put one step in front of the other.  I’m far from perfect but when pessimists challenge me I ask them “What choice do I have”? “What type of country do you want your kids to grow up in?” “What can you do to make that happen”?

As someone who is an artiste first, how do you intend to drive this vehicle and where is your destination?

I have a lot of friends in this industry who share my passion to “BeTheChange” e.g eLDee, KEL, Soundsultan, Sasha, Iceprincezamani, NaetoC, BankyW so when I call on them they work with me selflessly.  There are others outside the industry working tirelessly to contribute to Nigeria’s restoration e.g Lightupnigeria team, RSVP, EnoughisEnough.  The media,  radio stations, press have also been very supportive. It’s a matter of taking it one step at a time..and leaving the rest to God! Abi not so?

Lagos-20110119 (Ice Prince registering)
Lagos-20110119 (Mr Obi Asika (CEO OF STORM Records)
Ikeja-20110119-(eLDee and Lami during registration in Magodo)
Lagos-20110129 (Lami during her registration)
Lagos-20110129 (Lami leaving her thumbprint at the registration desk)

What achievement will signal that your work with this campaign has been a success?
I don’t think I can judge it based on success. All I’m thinking about is making Nigeria person and one cause at a time. The fact that some people decided to register to vote is a great accomplishment for us a a nation…not a success for me.

Here are some video clips with help of Body Lawson and The EnoughisEnough & RSVP initiatives).







If you haven’t registered, you can still REGISTER in your area, 2 more days to go before it ends.  Let’s bethechange we want to see.



Our team consists of a mix of the GOOD, the NAUGHTY and the most BEAUTIFUL people, just the way YOU want it served. We always have something to say whichever way you look at it. Appreciate us, Love us, Hate us (NOT) we are bound to crack you up whichever way.


  1. thumbs up lami. am inspired to do more.
    “So, if there’s anyone who wants to be a part of the change then I’m talking to them. If there’s anyone who is constituting a nuisance to the change we need them. I’m challenging them. If there’s anyone who thinks we can’t be better…well by virtue of my actions I’m hoping to change their minds.” – that makes great sense.

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