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Introducing S.Charles your new Hotspot locator.  Always looking for the best places to chill hang out and forget about your worries in the crazy city of Lagos.  She believes you can have fun on a low budget; you just need to know where and how.  Varied delights from the mainland to the island check out her column ‘The Hotspot Review’ on

An African experience on the Mainland

Alao Restaurant, Ikeja, Lagos

Let me introduce you to Alalo, located in a quiet area of Ikeja GRA just minutes away from the hustle and bustle of the Maryland traffic.

Although, Alalo has the restaurant/fast food set up, it prides itself with very delicious meals at ‘affordable prices’ that makes you feel very comfortable.  Their menu includes the local meals such as okra, ogbono, ewedu and banga soups as well as all sorts of rice (jollof, fried, steamed and boiled) with delicacies like the fresh fish stew, goat meat, peppered snails and so much more.  Just writing about this makes me hungry.  My personal favourite was the jollof rice and fresh fish stew, which reminded me of mama’s cooking.  This restaurant is open to everyone from Mondays to Sundays 6:30am to 9:00pm.  There is an upper room where you could have private events at an extra charge of course and they also cater for outside events as well.  Service is great, atmosphere wonderful and neat, and if you are on a low budget but you want a unique set up then trust me you would love Alalo.

So, if you happen to be on the Mainland and you are looking for a good place to have lunch or dinner, you should try Alalo….oh they also have breakfast buffets for only 440 naira….really you can’t go wrong for that cheap.

Name: Alalo

Address: 9 Adekunle Fajuyi, GRA Ikeja, Lagos


Healthy Eating in Surulere

Eating healthy is not relative to eating the Nigerian way, from our heavy eba and pounded yam to the ever ready constant easy to make rice (in all forms).  We Nigerians tend to find ourselves having very bad eating habits with not enough veggies and fruits in our daily diet…so when I heard of Healthy Wok in Surulere, and it’s mission to change the way Nigerians eat, by incorporating fruits, veggies and counting calories (what we consider to be very oyinbo) I became curious and decided to give them a try.

Located off Ogunlana Drive in Surulere, Healthy Wok is a small yet classy location for getting your healthy meals…from the impression i had earlier i thought it would be a place with healthy options to our Nigerian meals, instead it is just a cheaper version of the regular Asian meals with delivery service, so was i disappointed…yup a little bit.

After my initial disappointment on the menu, i decided to order a meal (after all that’s why i entered right?) and right before my eyes the meal was prepared and within 7 minutes it was served…because I wasn’t so hungry I went for the budget meal that goes for 800 Naira and a nice, delicious smoothie (mango to be exact) that went for 500 naira….very budget friendly if I may say.

My judgment on the food….i loved it, though the size could be deceptive ’cause it looks very small, the meal was actually very filling and with the smoothie, i was ready to sleep instead of driving home.

The owner hopes to open a branch on the island soon because she plans to reach the working class who are usually victims of bad eating….so i say more power to her elbow, i wish her all the best.

Note: If you are in Surulere, there is free delivery on orders 5,000 naira and above…outside Surulere there is free delivery on orders 10,000 naira and above.

Well, that’s all from me folks till i visit another interesting spot in Lagos and I want to tell you about it…

Name: Healthy Wok

Address: 16 Oyekan Road, off Ogunlana Drive, Surulere

Tel: 07029599770; 08088116030 (and remember they DELIVER)

PS: You follow @MxSCharles on twitter to find out more on S.Charles …she may be in the restaurant you’re in taking notes.

If you have visited any of these restaurants, please lets hear your views.



Ur financial guru by day but by night/wknds/public holidays a Hotspot Locator. Always looking 4 d best places 2 chill, hang out in d crazy city of Lagos. Believes u can have fun on a low budget; u just need 2 know where n how. Bringing you delights from d Mainland 2 and d Island. Follow @MxSCharles she may be in d restaurant you’re in taking notes☺


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