Video Premiere: D’Banj ft Snoop Dogg – Mr Endowed(remix)

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Bow Wow Wow! Yippy Yo! Yippy Yay! The Dogg Father’s in da house with Mr Endowed. Osheee!!!!

At last, the video we’ve been waiting for DROPS

Directed by Sesan and produced by BAFTA nominee – Film producer Luti Fagbenle (worked with Flo Rida, Akon & Pitbull) and shot in Los Angeles, California (Knows how to party)

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[audio:|titles=D Banj ft Snoop Dogg – Endowed(remix)]




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  1. Ermmmmmm Miss E, of course Snoop was paid to feature, just like every artist. At least let your criticisms make sense! Smh. Talk about the quality of video etc, not whether snoop was ‘obviously’ paid to feature. This is an achievement for nigerians, when any of you can get snoop to feature in your video, paid or not, then you can talk!

  2. na wa 4 some peeps sha…

    All dey ever do is bring pple down…

    Lord have mercy

    Can’t u just appreciate good stuffs for once? ahaaaan


  3. Na wa o! Pipl have started again!! Dis video is d best video ‎​​*NG* has ever produced!! Am glad dbanj did it!!not psquare or any1 else!! D song is a remix!! Its amazing and I ‎​♥ d energy of if all.evry artist gets paid to feature but it looks like snoop had a good time on d video and that’s d most important thng..spread posititvity people! Enjoy d video and song and wen u release urs then u can talk!!! Who eva knew a green and white phantom wldlook so HOT!!! Wooow! :D…

  4. I beg to disagree this isn’t an achievement for Nigerians,its an achievement for D’banj. Is it goin to win awards for Nigerians?????
    Its a good video no doubt

  5. I absolutely love dis video! I especially like d fact dat Snoop tried to relate to our ‘Nigerianess’ vis-a-vis d dance steps,name et al. I wasnt really feeling d lyrics but hey d video is hot so who cares! Great job! Our industry is going places. kudos!

  6. this is real good . I love the video . Critism is bad . We should all learn to appreciate . Its not easy . If u think its easy, why not try . Kudos to dbanj & doggy . You guyz are the best .carry on.

  7. its a great video..dunno why people can’t just appreciate good work and give others the credit they love and respect for the Mo’Hits crew has skyrocketed with this feat..

  8. Theres a term labeled “constructive criticism” get a crash course pls. @Dosumu n Miss E.
    Mean while @Dbanl ooooooose!

  9. Thunder fire all you fakers and haters saying craps! This is the best naija video ever!! All those talking trash about paying get a brain before you comment!

  10. diz video is awesome,, u haters go n hug a trans4mer,n if u dnt knw hw,go chk my profile picz on fb,@sholz denakson adenaike….

  11. Miss E you must be a standard imbecile to prefer 10 over 10 over this. Guess you were too high oh sorry too low to see the flaws in choreography shot! The Dancers their close up shot was really bad!!.. Miss E be please go back to school!!

  12. Posting this before listening to the song or watching the video. I am actually looking forward to it, hope I’m not disappointed.

  13. Decent song, decent video. Like the song/video or not, you have to give D’banj and his crew props for their achievement(s). Keep it up.

  14. Video’s is rubbish.Snoop has appeared in porn so not exactly the most discerning of musicians.Good day at the office for mo’hits though.

  15. dis video has everytin from pro-artists,fab cars,1derful setting, Mulla to beautiful chics,big up djazzy and dbanj u guys don welll……..rate da video 9 outta 10…..almost perfect

  16. For me I was just enjoying the whole snoop dog trying to blend wit d naia dance moves and all. Snoop is not a today’s boy and anybody who can feature him paid or not has something going. The way I c it dats progress. Kudos Dbanj.

  17. Ode…lol who doesn’t know dat artist get paid 2 feature in each others song..Miss E just say u are hating & by d way 10/10 video is d worst I have seen in d last 10yrs. Naeto C reli dulled dat song with dat horrible 2/10 rated video.

  18. Miss E!!! u cant possibly mean that.dere are videos and derez also drama.Dbanj ft snoop falls under videos and naeto c’s 10/10 is simply drama or just location shoot of a naija movie.

  19. Yep the video was tight. Why wont it be when snoop is involved??? Do you think he’d really agree to do trash just for money’s sake???? Personally i have never liked this track but the video make maximum sense, lets all talk the truth and shame the devil or in this case bad belle them.

  20. Like Ohhhhhhhhhh, But i would like to say, this is not the wright song to have gotten snoop on. Snoop should have killed it better on a better song choice. At the level of the video and ish, shit is perfectly one. No other standard could have done any ish eye to eye related better

  21. Though am a fan of tubaba but i still appreciate D’banj and i accept that the video is the best video in Nigerian music industry.

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