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My first encounter with Sally Bawa was with her delectable unique style.  I found her different from everyone else.  When we were younger, she would sketch designs on paper – today she has been able to bring those sketches to reality by holding unto a dream.  A very focused, passion driven person that transposes all she is about into her designs.  I decided to interview her so you can learn a thing or two about her and her eponymous label. There is no stopping this lady.  Here, she shares what motivates her, her most priced possession, her favourite designers – home and abroad and other things you’re bound to find inspiring.  Meet SALLY BAWA.

Mayreejay: Tell us about yourself?
SB: My name is Sally Bawa, the last of 5 kids and I can be described as ‘the creative type’.

Mayreejay: Define your style?
SB: Fashion forward and timeless all at once.

Sally Bawa

*Sally Bawa (seated in the middle) flanked by 2 of her models all in SALLY BAWA EXCLUSIVE DESIGNS.*

Mayreejay: How did  it all start?
SB: It was a dream borne out of passion. A passion for seeing things come alive. A passion for creativity. And this is the medium I chose through which I could express that.

Mayreejay: What inspires you?
SB: Nature. Colors and patterns mostly.

Mayreejay: Who are your best clients you have worked with?
SB: They are so many. I’m in the business of making people look good so its hard to pick which the best has been.

Mayreejay: Who are the difficult clients you have worked with and what would you say  is the best way to handle such clients?
SB: Hahahaha! The client is always right! We’re in the service industry and its important to remember that at all times because, when a client is paying for a service, he/she reserves the right to excellent service and value for their money. So when a client is being difficult, I just remind myself this and every other thing is a breeze.

Mayreejay: What are the high and low points of your career?
SB: High points? Everyday. Everyday in this career for me is a miracle. Low points, are those days that nothing seems to be going right, the production room is coming out with all sorts of mistakes, supplies are not forthcoming, I can’t seem to draw a straight line…gosh, there are just so many. But the miracle of each day helps me sail through it all.

Mayreejay: What is the most interesting part of your job?
SB: Seeing something turn from 2dimensional to 3dimensional.  It’s amazing!

Mayreejay: Fashion blunders you have had?
SB: Quite a few. Wrong choice of fabric and style every now and then…stuff like that.

Mayreejay: How do you spot a stylish person?
SB: One who does not follow trends but creates their own style.

Mayreejay: Who is your favourite Nigerian  designer?
SB: Bridget Awosika.

Mayreejay: Who is your favourite designer in the Western world?
SB: Vera Wang and Chanel.

Mayreejay: Which fashion item(s) you are crazy about?
SB: Right now, I’m going through a jeans and belts phase.

Mayreejay: 3 things you cannot do without everyday?
SB: My Blackberry – I guess (rolling eyes), music and of course food (notice how the blackberry came first?).

Mayreejay: when was the last time you splurge? What was it on?
SB: A few weeks ago – 2 identical John Galliano belts in patent black and beige, I just couldn’t pick one. And a luxury spa treatment after which I splurged on some of the spa’s products.

Mayreejay: Who would u play closet raider with?
SB: Hmmmm…I’m not sure of this one really. My appetite for fashion is insatiable such that it supersedes any one individual.

Mayreejay: Whose style do you admire and why?
SB: Kate Moss.  She’s simple and stylish.

Mayreejay: Who is(are) your role model(s)?
SB: Abba Folawiyo, Diane Von Furstenberg and Ladi Bawa – my mother.

Mayreejay: What is your priced possession?
SB: My intellect.

Mayreejay: Where do you see yourself 5years from now?
SB: Bigger and Better.

Mayreejay: How would you rate the Nigerian fashion  scene presently?
SB: It is evolving so rapidly its almost scary. But its healthy, very healthy and I’m really excited.

Sally Bawa EXCLUSIVE (The delectable designer in one of her creations – far right).

Sally Bawa


Sally Bawa

Sally Bawa Ready to Wear

Sally Bawa

Sally Bawa Ready to Wear

Sally Bawa

Sally Bawa Ready to Wear

Sally Bawa

Sally Bawa Ready to Wear

Sally Bawa

Visit Sally Bawa to see more of her beautifully designed clothes and more.

‎​No1 Biaduo street, off Awolowo road, South-West Ikoyi, Lagos
Email: contact@sallybawa.com
Tel: +2348068005857

http://www.sallybawa.com/exclusive.html : link for her exclusive collection.
http://www.sallybawa.com/spring_collection.html : link for ready to wear.



Maryanne Alabi, popularly known as Mayreejay is a wardrobe consultant, CEO of her self named company "Maryanne Alabi". Deputy editor for Bloke mag, contributing Fashion editor for Y!Mag. Fierce lover of and everything Glamorous!! Follow me on twitter @mayreejay for fab fashion updates.


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