360Relationships: Ladies AND Bad Guys

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This world is full of good and bad but why do people prefer bad to good? This transcends our daily activities and affects our relationships with people. Then I wonder why do ladies prefer bad guys (vices) to good guys (virtue)? I’ve looked at the male race and I’ve come to realise that the good guys fail to get the beautiful, sexy, mind blowing ladies. The good guys are usually unlucky (despite their good nature), many date ladies they don’t really like *excuse my language i.e. plain girls*. Invariably they don’t go for what they want but what’s available (what a life).

On the other hand, the bad guys get the best of the female stock. They don’t only date sexy, mind- blowing ladies but also the innocent and intelligent ladies. In reality, they date every category women (they’re not stereotyped at all). They are the James Bonds and Giovanni Casanovas of this world.


Let me clarify what I mean by bad and good guys before I go further.


Bad guys aren’t necessarily bad people, actually some of them kind, considerate and compassionate. However, they are referred to as bad because they toil with emotions of women and end up breaking their hearts. Some of them do it for fun and find pleasure in it but these guys aren’t born bad. They are usually victims of love. Bad guys are cool, jovial, confident, fun to be with, adventurous, strong willed, possess good oratory skills. They don’t need to be extremely handsome their other characteristics cover up for this. Players fall into this category.

Good guys are nice, friendly; some are quiet, polite, shy, courteous, respectful, considerate etc. They are usually every girls dream but they lack traits bad guys possess. They are not spontaneous, adventurous, they like to obey rules and usually inexperienced in women affairs. They don’t really have too many girlfriends or engage in casual dating so they don’t really know what a woman wants. Guys who haven’t been schooled by love fall into this category and religious blokes (not fanatics o!)


Not to be bias or provide a single line of argument, I posted this topic on the major social networks (twitter and facebook) and made it my bbm status just to get people’s opinion. I wasn’t disappointed; people wrote all kinds of things. Here are some of there responses (I grouped them into male and female):



*I don’t know, bad guys are so not it

*Some girls don’t realise that they’re bad and fall blindly in love with them while some girls like bad boys and others are naïve

*Because they are bad

*What some girls want in a guy is different from love. Advice: good guys should look for good girls they’re out there

*‘cos they’ve the experience, trips, sweet talk etc. which ladies love… most heartbreaks experienced are normally expected



*That’s where the adventure is

*We good boys are dry…life is all about adrenalin rush for ladies

*I guess they can always trust a bad guy to be bad so they know what to expect

*Bcos of kondo…lol!


These are opinions of different people (ladies and guys). Let me share my idea with you. Bad guys are like cigarette packs, they come with the warning label (smokers are liable to die young). However, the ladies are hooked and ignore the warning sign on bad guys. The fact is that most ladies prefer bad guys (they know they are bad)


The real truth is that bad guys are good lovers and know how to treat a woman right. They are experts in women affairs and living. Other guys employ their services in handling women affairs. These bad guys have the necessary experience and they use it to their advantage. These kind of guys have been portrayed in movies like ‘breaking all the rules’, ‘hitch’, ‘my best friend’s girlfriend’ etc.


On the other hand, good guys are usually inexperienced, boring and not spontaneous (they have nothing to offer the ladies). They tend to condemn everything exciting as immoral; all they do is listen, listen and listen. They are daddy figures to the ladies they date (some ladies like this).

Approach is very important and I believe that’s why ladies prefer bad guys to good guys. Bad guys present themselves as lovers or make their intentions known early to a lady or woman while good guys still want to be friends first before taking things to the next level. The worst place to be is the ‘Friend Zone’ once you’re in, you’re never coming out. Bad guys never fall into the friend zone.


Good guys feel that getting emotionally attached to a girl will win her over (that’s crap). Guys, never be or act as a therapist to a girl you want to date or have sex with, you will never achieve your goal (there are always exceptions but most times it’s a failure and it gets you stuck in the friend zone). Ladies don’t bore guys they wanna have sex with, with personal history and bad guys don’t ask for life history.


Ladies being attracted and dating bad guys is understandable *believe me*. You guys want something good guys cant provide you with. The only advice I have for you ladies is not to confuse a bad guy for a marriage partner, bad guys don’t hang around for long. To bad guys, relationships are simple and they never complicate it (unless they are baptised with love, this rarely happens) so beware

To the good guys out there, reading this, you don’t need to change, you’ll get the right girl but if you think about dating ladies bad guys date, you will or must definitely have to improve your game.



Regular guy with countless thots going thru his mind. Simple, jovial, easy-going always wondering why things are what they are. I’m different things 2 a lot of people -a son 2 few, a brother to sum, a friend 2 many n enemy 2 none(frm my angle). Believes in God. A realist always trying 2b objective*a difficult human trait*, however I’m simply just ME (no definition 4 that).


  1. @O..thanks


    @bcgeorge…nyc one(Very good badt guys)

    @mizweezyeff…in reality,the bad guys usually have it all but dat’s not to say good guys won’t get what they want

  2. I don’t know what type of chicks y’all roll with, but trust me…a grown and sexy woman who wants the real deal will never go for a ‘bad’ guy.
    If he’s a cute, smart, witty, confident guy who wants to make the world a better place, gimme him…I’m good with that. Life plays enough games with people…why make matters worse by playing Russian roulette with my emotions?

  3. Ditto Ready’s sentiments.. Real talk…

    But you make “good guys” seem like such lame species…C’mon now! Inexperienced, boring, lack spontaneity, listen, listen, listen etc…Poor them…

    Haha @ “because of kondo”, and “baptized by love”.

    I guess the best “middle ground” for ladies drawn to “bad guys” is to go for the VGBG like Bcgeorge… Na so.

  4. @Ready on…a bad guy can be cute,witty and is usually confident(the only difference is dat they’ll play wit ur emotions),Life is a risk so playin russian roulette wit ur emotions is bound to happen(u have to take the risk)

    @Shadenonconform…Good guys aren’t lame species but the bad guys usually have the upper hand in the female kingdom.VGBG is just a concept to downplay being a bad guy

  5. I guess I didn’t make my point explicitly. There are plenty of good guys who have the ‘upper hand’ but only with ladies (emphasis on the word) in the female kingdom. See, I’m not deluded that women aren’t attracted to bad boys, but a chick with her head on straight (and thinks with her head, not her lady parts) realizes that not all that glitters is gold and empty vessels make the loudest noise.
    There are good guys who’ve got everything ‘bad boys’ have and still have their shit together ’cause they know that toying with random women’s emotions can get their cars scratched, get them jumped, etc…(yeah, some women go hard like that, some men think they’re bad guys, dem go fear). Plus, to paraphrase Fabolous, you might be a movement by yourself, but you’re a force when you’re with the right person.
    “Good guys are usually inexperienced, boring and not spontaneous (they have nothing to offer the ladies). They tend to condemn everything exciting as immoral; all they do is listen, listen and listen. They are daddy figures to the ladies they date..” I get that this isn’t an academic paper, but this article is rife with inaccurate conclusive over-generalizations.
    I understand life is a risk; life will do what it does, and I’ll accept what I can’t control but it’s like seeing a trap and walking right into it. What it boils down to is: which correct babe wants to be with a playboy who just wants to get laid? A kele is a kele…bad boys are good for that, but that’s about it.

  6. @Ready on…I can’t be totally right about everything(that’s not to say good guys don’t have some of the attributes I described)but ur point is well received.
    The fact is that people do strange things.Cigarette packs coming wit the warning sign but people still smoke and its risky.in the same vein,people date people dat are bad for them and negelect the good ones(its just life)

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