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Hustling‘ is fast becoming a metaphor for basic human struggles. From the hawker on the street to the conductor in a bus to even a banker in his air-conditioned office, all would consider their jobs ‘hustles’.

We are all unique in different ways. Everyone has that natural special ability peculiar to them. This ‘talent’ has to be discovered, accepted and nurtured before it can be harnessed to its full potential. This ability could be singing, dancing, drawing, painting, writing or something not necessarily ‘creative’ but is special and peculiar to you.

Most times for your hustle to be easier, your ‘job’ has to be in harmony with your talent. When your hustle involves your talent, you barely break a sweat and derive pleasure doing what you are doing. Someone highly skilled in mathematics has no business pursuing a career in law, likewise someone with a beautiful voice and enjoys singing should not work in a bank.

Nowadays we are ‘deceived’ that white-collar jobs are mor rewarding so no one wants to get skills in crafts anymore. That notion is indeed wrong because I believe ‘the more the dirt, the more the money’. We should think outside the box and follow our hearts. Do what you are good at and you would get even better. Most rappers in America sold ‘crack’ during the day and recorded songs at night when they were younger, likewise bus conductors who are athletic could find spare time to make it to the stadium to practice.

All in all, these two go together. Since talent is God-given, using it alongside your hustle would definitely lead to God further blessing your hustle.

*Written by Damo



Your friendly neighbourhood guy who believes himself BLESSED not LUCKY. I would always say it as it is without mincing words. A walking jukebox. I believe I was born to serve God and others. My column - Kaleidoscope. Follow me on twitter @keyedamola


  1. In my younger brother’s speak: “WORDt!” But then consider our society that places premium on paper qualification versus the bills that need paying, and the sliding scale in a lot of other things and people will jump at whatever is out there to make ends meet – for now. Problem is: people then settle and forget talent, or grow too lazy/complacent to hone their skills. The outcome? Flashes in pans, n Hustle without direction. After all, all na HUSTLE.
    Well written Damo

  2. Well said,but naija is not an even playing ground,so peeps keep hustling regardless of their talents,and mehn,hustling can be real hard!

  3. I like d article.I think u shud also include d fact dat being important does not mean having a white collar job,u can be very good at ur handiwork and still be well known so no job should be looked down upon.

  4. I get your point; use your talents and do what you’re actually best at. But then to use your example there are still some people with the ability who still have to sling crack because they haven’t been able to make it despite their talent. There are people who have the passion for writing who have to work as secretaries because no ones agreed to publish their stories. I agree with you its good to harness your talent but sometimes that’s not all it takes and that’s life. If you are given the opportunity to have a formal qualification then take it so you can at least have an alternative.

  5. hustle n talent?its best hustlin ‘longside ur talents than hustlin on optionsif i grew up likin thins bout electrical n makin somethin out it by self intuit n than grew up learnin mo bout it while i hustle in its line at d end i will come wit proof n b’come a genius at ease than hustlin just make ends meet.but there is one thin, it all clicks on who u wanna b at d end,cos fo me take away d mansion of option n gimmie a bucket of talent wit a spade n come around tommorrw n i will show u a tree……………

  6. @ laykan- Thanks.
    @ abido- Thanks.
    @ Franque- Thanks, just exactly what I meant.
    @ alibaba- Thanks.
    @ a’nnita- Thanks but those are little variations from the ‘normal’.
    @ alonge- Thanks.
    @ ene- Thanks. I agree with you on that.
    @ 21st century pessimist- Thanks. A formal qualification is a big plus anytime.
    @ napoleon fame- Thanks. I agree with you.

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