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As new as she is to the Nigerian fashion industry, self named fashion label owner EJIRO AMOS TAFIRI has fast become a known brand amongst fashion insiders and customers looking for a glamorous but yet indie inspired piece. She has consistently within such a short period of time shown us that the EJIRO AMOS TAFIRI brand is ahead of its time by revealing pieces on the runway and in her lookbooks that are two seasons ahead of the trend. 360 fashion introduces THE WOMAN. THE BRAND. With EJIRO AMOS TAFIRI.

1. Lucy Phil-Ebosie: Who is Ejiro Amos Tafiri?

I’m a young Nigerian living my dream and loving it.

2. Lucy Phil-Ebosie: When did your love for fashion design begin?

Since I was a little child I would say. I loved to play dressup and matching my accessories carefully and making clothes for my dolls. I realised I loved fashion and wanted to pursue it as a career in my S.S.S.1.  I had just joined the Clothing and Textile class in school. We went on an excursion to YABATECH fashion section – I was complete won over by the end of the day.

3. Lucy Phil-Ebosie: Who or what is your inspiration in the fashion industry?

That’s a tough one as I’m not inspired by one particular person but by several people for several reasons.

4. Lucy Phil-Ebosie: Tell us about your fashion education and experience.

Upon graduation from QC, I got admitted into Yaba College of Technology to study Fashion design and Clothing Technology. During my course of study we had to intern twice. My first internship was at Zizi Ethnic Clothing and the second at Tiffany Amber.  Upon graduation I worked with Out of Africa during my NYSC service year. There I rose through the ranks with a space of a year and a few months – from Junior Designer/ Production Assistant to Senior Designer to Chief Designer. In search of a tougher challenge I moved to Tiffany as Designer/ Illustrator assisting the Creative Director and also rose to become Head of the Design team. Upon the expiry of my two year contract I sought to break on my own to face the tide of life.

5. Lucy Phil-Ebosie: In what light do you want people to view the Ejiro Amos Tafiri brand?

The brand is being nurtured as a lifestyle brand which touches several aspects of a person’s life. I want it to be perceived as one that caters to the needs of an upwardly mobile, self assured woman.  Providing a range of work wear, lounge wear, evening wear, wedding and church or mosque wear options, we cater to their needs.

6. Lucy Phil-Ebosie: What challenges have you faced with building your fashion brand?

I have been very blessed as I have faced challenges that I think is peculiar to me. It has been the usual issues plaguing the Nigerian entrepreneur – Funding, Electricity, Transportation etc. These challenges only make me stronger and resilient as EJIRO AMOS TAFIRI is here to stay.

7. Lucy Phil-Ebosie: The Ejiro Amos Tafiri brand has done incredibly well for a new brand, what’s your secret to success?

The secret is complete trust in God to bless our work which He has done and is still doing, and hard work and perseverance.

8. Tell us your most memorable highlight since building the brand.

Getting two incredible news the same day- the first telling me we had been selected to represent Nigeria at Origin Africa Fibre to Fashion showcase in Mauritius organised by USAID, and the other, that we made the ARISE cut. I was uber excited that day.

9. Lucy Phil-Ebosie: You showcased a new collection at ARISE FASHION WEEK, what did it take to be shortlisted and describe your experience at ARISE.

I was contacted to submit my latest lookbook for consideration. At that time I had just my first lookbook which was over six months old which I thought would make for an unserious entry. With the help of my awesome team and Lucy as stylist we got a new one ready in 3days. We got shortlisted! The Arise experience was awesome! It wasn’t my first time at an Arise fashion week event but I was MY first aswell, EJIRO AMOS TAFIRI was making its debut on the international scene! I couldn’t stop pinching myself in confirmation.

10. Lucy Phil-Ebosie: What is next for Ejiro Amos Tafiri and how does the brand intend on evolving?

We are presently working and developing fresh ideas that would bring us closer to our customers and widen our customer base because it’s all about them. We are also working on our evolution strategy so that we remain relevant because we are here to stay!


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  1. EAT, You Rock!!! But I’m not surprised cause I always knew you’ll be a Fashion ICON and EAT will go Global. Keep feeding Fashion baby.

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