These Boots by Obi Somto

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The world has indeed turned into a Global Village, Alex realized that she didn’t need to travel to get things done or see people, but this case was exceptional, she had to make this trip to confirm and make sure she wasn’t joking or playing games. It was all about the mystery person she met on the internet. They decided between themselves not to see pictures or speak to each other, to keep the surprise burning.

Upon her arrival into this foreign land she was tired but couldn’t help but wait for the next day.

They decided to meet at the corner of house 40, the only yellow gate on the block, she Alex waited all day, Mystery didn’t show up

The following day Mystery still didn’t show up, Alex wasn’t sure if she was upset or intrigued with suspense

She went to the train station, hoping Mystery will come out of one of the trains and end this wait.

And just when she had given up, behold there was Mystery!! A girl! Wtf!! She came all this way for a girl.
She knew her boots were meant for walking but not in anticipation for what befell her.


Photographs by Obi Somto

Story by Yolanda Okereke

Styled by Yolanda Okereke

Models: Yolanda Okereke, Charlotte Foster.

Hair & Makeup: Yolanda Okereke

Concept: Yolanda Okereke

Director of Photography/Art: Obi Somto



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