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Okay, a few days ago on twitter something got my attention that really shocked me. Shots were fired between two artistes; one is a veteran(papa dee) and the other has been branded a diva (Koldie). But don’t worry, I’m not writing to take sides, I’m writing because I feel this type of act shouldn’t occur amongst celebrities.

So on Wednesday, Papa dee tweeted “This koldie girl should stop singing” (sic).

Anyone who follows me would know that I like a little controversial banter, so I thought that was funny for a veteran to say.

However, knowing that koldie is a Lagos girl, I knew that this wasn’t just going to end there, that is, if she saw it. So I wasn’t at all surprised when I saw Koldie tweet directly at papa dee saying:

“Lmao! A lot of pps think u should stop singing 2 or is it rap u do sef. I can start helping u mention names. BIG industry names of ppz who’ve said they have no idea of wat ur singing/rapping abt n u shd pack it in. ie give it up.But that is their opinion 2, enjoy urself n be who u want 2b. So, no1 shd put u down. No1 CAN put me down either. MUSIC is my passion. I do it till I kpai, remain blessed, NO BEEF intended either. Burh next tym? Serzly? Ur opinions r berra left 2 urself. Thx! why shd u quit wat u luv doing just bcus of odr peopls opinion?Did u come 2 this world becuz of them? NO! U came 2 lyf 4 urself” (sic).

I was taken aback by her reaction, she saying big industry names, to me it sounded like she was trying to point out that she is bigger than him. However she doesn’t stop there, she goes on to tweet her followers saying:

“With all due respect.An artiste who hasn’t had a single radio hit since 2000( over 11yrs ago) shldnt be heard tryna put odr artistes down”.

I saw this and I felt so weak… to me, this was the height of pride and lack of respect. I am not saying Koldie was at fault, but the greater man in an argument, is the one that walks away. I would like to say that I am well disappointed at the attitude that these two celebrities showed.

Papa dee has been in the industry for 11years and his tweet was a tad offensive, but that was his opinion, it was up to koldie to walk away, but walking away is never good enough for some people. Papa dee has been the man behind a lot of successful artistes, so I think that should count as his success too.

I hope we see less of this in the future, as I tweeted just before I wrote this piece, “I’m not a FELA fan, but I can never say he was a rubbish artiste just because I didn’t like him, the man is a Legend and whether or not I accept it, it doesn’t make a difference to what he did”.

I’m not a fan of Papa Dee nor am I a fan of Koldie, but I know some people that are. And this was no way for a celebrities to handle such situation.

I like the improvement that Nigerian artistes have made, so I’d like if we could all support them, so you lot should follow Baba dee and Goldie on twitter (yes, I’m tired of  coding the names). They have both got new singles out, and I must say Baba dee’s Gum Body is such a tune.. jheez!!





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  1. LOOL aint a fan of any of them…wish them luck…i just hope it’ll all end on twitter,cos i wont be surprised if d next thing is having a diss track….

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