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It is fun, beautiful, satisfying, fulfilling and was created by God. If it’s not all of these, it’s not SEX. Those that have had a feel of it under the right conditions (with your consent) can tell. Sex brings about a level of intimacy with your partner that mere words cannot attain. It is an expression of the body and soul.

We must never overlook the great importance of sex in marriage. As oxygen is to the lungs, so is sex to the body (within the confines of marriage).

So many marriages are suffering and some dissolved because of their neglected sex life.  Some spouses even find it difficult to discuss sex issues with their partners. Some only go wild and crazy in their imagination and never in reality, not because they cannot, but, because they are ‘shy’ to explore. Most couples find it rather ridiculous to agree on how, why, where and when they should have sex.

Aside other factors in marriage, SEX is key.

A large number of people who cheat, suffer from lack of good or enough sex from their spouses. Instead of discussing and looking for ways to improve on it, they prefer to find solace in the arms of people that can go ‘all the way’ for them. They tend to forget the vows made at the altar; “For better, for worse” which also includes good or bad sex styles, creative or monotonous love-making. It’s no doubt that it hurts so bad when you are not getting the kind of intimacy you want and need from your partner but, there is no ‘perfect marriage’ anywhere.

The ability to manage issues in marriage is what makes it a good one. When you cheat with someone, that someone is cheating on another someone, and the cycle goes on and on like that. The only way to get rid of something is by addressing its roots. Therefore, if your partner ain’t giving you what you ever dreamed of in your sex life, the only way to make it happen is first by, communicating with each other, working on it and consistently working on it. There’s no two ways about it.

I have had the opportunity to be a student of a marriage counselor. She narrated to me, the story of a man who would come to the club at night with his friends and make the sex life of his wife and himself, a topic. She said she told him that, “speaking about your wife in that manner, in the public hadn’t changed anything and would never”. She then advised that he discussed with his wife and also buy some love boxes as a boost (like an aphrodisiac). There was a slight improvement.

Sex is supposed to be HOT, SIZZLING and FUN all the way in marriage. It is not a case of who the ‘victim’ or ‘victor’ is, but helping each other towards a great married life.

I say with no intention to convince anyone that, while SEX is (might be a) good enough reason to cheat ITS never a license.

Written by GorgeousOfficia



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  1. The question could easily be is der any good reason to cheat? My guess would be NO! Sex is undeniable very important in a marriage and I pity women who think otherwise, don’t be shocked if he enjoys mind blowing, innovative sex outside. I pity men who think its one way and sex is only about their orgasm, don’t be shocked the minute u step into the bathroom she’s whipped out a vibrator. A marriage will suffer without pleasure for both parties. That said…sex ISN’T a good enough reason to cheat!

  2. What is this website about Statements like this conflict with noble igwe’s memoirs–<

    Its a bit confusing

  3. @YOGO i don’t think this article is in the way of Noble’s memoirs. besides he ain’t married and he obviously doesn’t have a girlfriend. so it ain’t confusing in any way.

  4. I believe sex(and money) are the perfect reasons why people cheat,love only plays a little .since love can be faked,bt good sex and money cannot be faked….if yur sex is bad its bad,if yur pocket is dry,you are broke…like I always say if the sex is dry & the pocket is broke , then oju kokoro will set in.

  5. D FOOT STEP OF A MAN IS WOT’S DESCRIBES ACTIONS! I advice n plead that b4 u marry u take GUD time 2 study ur spouse well, knw weta He or She is dat type u desire emotionally,financially,sexually etc. U must ask God 4 a gud hrt desired spouse so u wont go abt givin excuses abt ur sexual life. SEX is inevitable,neccesary n indespenseble. Make sure u matured b4 u get ur self involved in any emotional relationship, nt only by AGE u MUST MATURED by undeRstandin,reasionin n by actitude. Enjoy n ve sex wit causion. Live wiseLy n b gud sexually n orda wise. I WISH U GUYZ D BEST OF LUCKS,*LUV YUH* Huck me up on fb Ogbonna Elvis Chidera;Tweet me ELVISL.LEE , HOLLA @ ur boi 07031817802. Spice up ur lives n stay great.

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