Photography By Baba Agba Week 1- Back then (The African Hinterland)

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Afrique Quintessence
This shot was taken in a quarry somewhere in Northern Edo State. I saw the old rickety Mercedes swerving to avoid the loose sands as it came up the hill. The Mercedes is such an iconic car and has featured very heavily in African history. The backdrop when combined with this auto-mechanic icon creates a captivating portrait of everything African.

This was taken at Ojirami Dam on the outskirts of Igarra in Edo State. One of the relics from the Bendel State days. An Oasis in the heart of the State. I love the way a combination of the worn out truck, old school dam and blood stained sand gives a photograph reminiscent of 70’s Africa.

I actually cant think of anything good to write down for this, so I have decided to put a link to a song form this part of Nigeria. It is Joromi by Sir Victor Uwaifo, and I believe it is the prefect soundtrack to this image. Just sit back and imagine the van rattling along this 80’s expressway, under the blistering sun in the African Hinterland, the Heartbeat of the Nation to the tune of one of Africa’s musical icons.


I would like to give a shout out to all those who constantly drive around Nigeria, especially the lorry drivers. It is no easy task. This is a tribute to all of you. Hope you like this.

Time travel
This was taken outside on of the many limestone quarries in Edo State I will let the picture speak for itself. I am just going to leave it at that. Hope you like it.

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  1. Errr… But Nobs, why say this is better than sex? I ran here with my legs wide open expecting to get some cunninlingus (that’s the only thing better than sex) and this is what I get? Kpachara anya gi o!

  2. I checked Baba Agba’s website,and the pictures were so awesome! They drove me to tears…I love the ‘vintaged’ pictures,they looked too nice! Pls I’ll need his email,cos I have a couple of things to ask him. Thanks

  3. 80’s foto or vintaged?
    The J5 seems to have the new plates that were only introduced in the late 90’s

  4. it’s a lovely piece really. what about the link to ‘Joromi’? I was looking forward to having that

  5. @The Anvil: I don’t understand why u can’t stick to ur commment without interfering mine. Vintaged as used in my sentence was in quotes; which simply means they necessarily don’t have to be vintage pictures to be “vintaged”. They look vintage, even if the shots were taken last year. The pictures all have some “old-school” feel to it,which makes them look exceptionally great!

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