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I remember this particular day when I was a kid. I was out for a birthday party, I returned home all excited, just to have my mum bless the gift pack and I could go ahead with my smarties and things.

Just as soon as I stepped in the living room, my mood changed as I was sure I had missed my regular crisp 20naira notes (about five pieces). Chicken change right? But it meant a whole lot then joor. Fact was I never even spent them, I just loved checking them out under my pillow every morning until they’ll develop wings and flew away one after the other.

So mum asked:

Mum: What’s wrong with you?

Me: Aunty came here today, I still smell her perfume..

That visitor that you just know by their perfumes when they come around. Does this ring a bell? No?

Okay, have you ever tried so hard you creep very silently just to cover a friend’s face from behind and in 5seconds they can tell its you? Yes! This sounds familiar.

Although in some cases, signature scents could act as an ‘ALAKOBA’ when you are smelt in places where you shouldn’t be, if you get what I mean.

Picture this: you are all dressed up, fresh and fly. On stepping out, you get a hug from a friend who immediately says ‘Hmmm…you smell like Teni’.  Of course Teni is your friend and suddenly your confidence is lost because its actually Teni’s perfume. You sure don’t want your yansh opened this way.

Enough of my stories.

One thing you must understand is whatever perfume it is you wear, speaks for you, trust me. It makes statements either good or bad. You know that kinda attention you get when you walk into ‘that venue’ and automatically heads turn and eyes won’t just stop staring. Or that awkward feeling when the moment you spray your perfume, your roomie grabs Air wick…hehehehe but one man’s food is another man’s poison shey? But make sure it’s not every man’s poison.

I think its uber cool to have a signature scent especially when you’ve found the exact type that suits your taste and skin type (No reactions). Not everyone loves perfumes but for those who do, imma recommend some you might wanna choose from.

P.S: I am not saying the ones I recommend are the best you can get ooo, but you can bet I won’t recommend what I know nothing about abi? So please if you’ve got yours, stick to it. Otherwise, here is my list…

D & G Light Blue
Reaction by Kenneth Cole
Polo blue by Ralph Lauren

212 Sexy for women by Carolina Herrera
Provocative Woman by Elizabeth Arden
360degrees for women by Perry Ellis
Eternity for Women by Calvin Klein

You might wanna educate me too. What’s is your signature scent and what language does it speak?

Titi Reju



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  1. Ghost- deep night makes me feel like a Queen
    Hermes- Elixir des merveille, makes me feel very very very sexy

  2. ALIEN by Thierry Mugler makes me feel confident n sexy n puts ma man right in “the mood”…
    212 by C.H is on point too for both d guys/ladies. And d guys shud try UNFORGIVEABLE by Sean Jean…scent!!!

  3. Thanks to everyone that dropped a comment,and for educating us on your signature scents.
    @slimfish I thing you should try cool water by Davidoff,you sure would turn more heads.

  4. d&g pour homme is my signature scent. but I’ve toyed around and loved these other ones- kouros, allure, acqua di gio, and chic men. kc black and lacoste green are also spleendid scents

  5. notorious by ralph lauren. it has chocolate notes which i adore. it makes me feel sexy as well.i use it mostly in the day.
    viva la juicy by juicy couture. it has gorgeous fruity notes and a very feminine feel to it. i use it for both day and night.
    couture couture by juicy couture. this has an amazing scent. i use it mostly in the night because it has a stronger smell. it gets me a lot of attention to. GORGEOUS!

  6. Silver mountain water and Irish green tweed, both from creed. Divine stuff.

    Honourable mention for narcisso Rodriguez for him (musc edition)

  7. Black xs by paco rabanne!veRy edgy!and yeah!I cld tell wen my dad’s in the building!u cld smell his classic polo green 4rm miles away

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