Is it Good to Date Men Because of Their Money?

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It is not overemphasized to state that EVERY lady loves the good life and would not mind a rich man for a partner. Ladies are in relationships for several reasons, right or wrong. Some are in there for the money, some for the body and others for the loving. Notwithstanding, a few are in there for all the three. This is not to say that there are no other reasons ladies are in relationships.

Someone once said ” If you want the good things of life, you either work for them or find a man who can provide them for you” . I think it’s really not a bad idea to stick to both options. Now, some would stick to the latter because living a fab life by their own means is only an uncertainty especially when they want it sooner than later. Every lady craves a luxury life but how they go about it, is what makes the difference.

The WHYs ladies date men for their money are not farfetched ; Poor parenting, Greed, Low self-esteem, Unemployment, Experience from previous relationships, Our very competitive society, to mention but a few. Taking a closer look at the above-mentioned reasons, it is clear that it is not entirely the fault of ladies who indulge in this BUT in the midst of al of these, some ladies still stand up tall to protect their values and principles. How about being one of those ladies?

It is no doubt that there are so many advantages in dating men for their money. You get virtually everything money can buy, you conveniently pay your bills and in most cases, live the life you always dreamed of but you naturally become mentally and financially lazy which I suppose is not healthy. When your man is broke, you are automatically broke. Even if he beats you to a pulp, you still want to hang in there because of all you stand to loose. You sell your happiness in return for his money. If he loves you genuinely and you are in it for the money then, it becomes a form of cheating.

In any case, we are all entitled to our own opinions and should bear in mind that nothing is wrong until we see it as wrong.

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  1. There’s nothing wrong with having the finer things of life but I’d rather work for my cash & at have a wealthy man as back up than rely solely on the man. That way I can share my ideas with him & earn my respect. But it’s also important that love be involved in all this. No man wants a liability & I wouldn’t even want to be one. It can’t be overemphasized, the importance of being an independent woman. Everyone loves an intelligent & independent woman even though they might not be quick to admit it.

  2. A man dates a woman for a reason. Nothing wrong with dating a man for a reason too. If a girl wanna date someone because of his money, its fine. We all have reasons. Love, sex, beauty, fat ass, huge boobs, 12inch penis, whatever. They’re all reasons. No one should be killed for making money a reason too.

  3. Initially i was gonna come here and say of course it’s not okay. But really, as long as both people involved know that what the other one is there for and both are ok with it, then go for it. *shrugs shoulders*

  4. @ Igho well said. We all have our reasons for dating,either male or female. Who determines the right and wrong of it?

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