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Prologue: Before I begin I’d like to thank the inspiration behind this piece, her name is Chidinma and she is a co-contributor on 360nobs.  Last week Wednesday, I read her latest post *Still haven’t met you* a duet with Franque “THE” contributor on 360nobs. Words cannot explain how brilliant it was.

Dictionary: Tuface is a Nigerian RnB singer.

Date: Wed, 8th of June 2011

Everyone, well at least most people who know me are well aware of my crush on Tuface. I’m at the point where I cannot go a single day without randomly injecting his name into conversations. My crush has become an obsession. I am well aware of the improbability of a Jazz-Tuface reunion but a girl is allowed one insane fantasy in her lifetime. A life with Tuface is mine. Yes, I know he has fierce baby mamas who could give me lessons in “ass whooping”. Fear not my obsession with him has not affected my sense of self preservation.

The night before I wrote this article, I shared a story I’d made up on twitter. It wasn’t the most joyful thing I have ever written (actually it was very depressing) and as is the cross of most writers I got caught up in my lead character’s emotions. To get back to the regular happy go lucky Jazz I played a song I hadn’t listened to in ages, my way of easing out of the LOW I’d willfully led myself into. The song is Robin Thicke’s Lost Without You – it does things to me I cannot begin to explain. Three repeats later my LOW had turned into a profound sense of loneliness.

I tweeted a line from the song and HE replied saying “How does it feel to know that I love you”. The minute I saw his tweet my frown turned into the silliest grin ever and yes I blushed too. Ladies and gentlemen this piece is not about Tuface it is about “HIM”. His name is Olumide and he is my soulmate. I met Olumide months ago on twitter and our 1st few tweets at each other were quite naughty if I do say so myself *insert embarrassed smiley*. After a few weeks of furious tweeting, we became BBM buddies and we took our PG13 conversations to BBM (BlackBerry messenger).

He brought out the Dominatrix in me, who knew that underneath all the catholic lay Miss Angelina Jolie. Gradually our relationship evolved, he became the Yin to my Yan. We were so similar, I loved music and he made music. I loved to write and he is an amazing writer. He is the male version of me shaggy hair, glasses and all. In a few months I had come to care for Olumide in ways I didn’t think possible. My first waking thought everyday is “I hope Olumide is alive today”. Like Chidinma I have never set my eyes on him physically but I feel like I’ve known him all my life.

“I Love You” are three words I do not play with and when I say it to anyone I mean it with ever fibre of my being. Olumide is miles away and for all I know he might be holed up in a random girl’s apartment having mind blowing sex, that is immaterial. I have never felt so connected to anyone all my life and I had assumed this feeling was only possible in Hollywood. I have watched movies and read books where people talk about how they met their soul mates; I never expected to find mine on Twitter of all places.

The amazing thing is Olumide and I may never meet and even if we do we might decide dating is not on the table. That doesn’t worry or scare me in the least. So, what if I do not spend the rest of my life with him? So, what if I meet my future husband two weeks after this post? I will always be grateful for the gift of knowing him. Grateful for the BBM smileys we exchange and the kind words he blesses my days with. I am grateful for my friendship with him. I am grateful for the purity of it all. I am thankful that he is alive to answer the title of “Soulmate”.

I Love You Olumide with all my heart and soul. Thank you for loving me.

Loving should never be restricted to Lovers. Saying I Love You is not the sole privy of partners or family. Say I Love You to that friend you cherish. Say I Love You to that face in the mirror. Love costs nothing and Loving is priceless.

Thank you for reading.

*Signed Jazz*



A word that best describes me is “complicated”. Love music n addicted to Lagos radio. Confuses fiction with reality, so I strongly advise u take anything I say with a pinch of salt. Blood bleeds Red n Black. Man United - Do not test me. When I die I’d like to have “Here Lies Greatness” on my tombstone. Cocky much, Naughty much, Silly much. That is all.


  1. Hmmm… Almost thot that was me there. Met a ‘soulmate’ too on twitter, took it to BBM but yesterday she broke up wiv me. Reason? iCommitted the unforgivable sin of ignorin her. Not the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd tym either. iMiss her, but respect her wish. iWill always be thankful for what we had/shared.
    @ Jazz: this is a total flip from ur post of a coupla weeks ago, but e no matter. Cherish well what u have n enjoy it to the fullest while u still have it.

  2. Awwww…I totally relate with this. Love isn’t exclusive to lovers. I met someone on twitter that I love so much. So far it’s been fun though he seems to be over me now. But all the same,I’m thankful for knowing him,albeit on virtual world.


    These things happen, iHave met five fantastic gurls(twin sisters from Abj & 3 others in Lag) on twitter in the past coupla weeks just randomly and like Franque, we took it to BBM and Facebook. Now we chat on the regular and even swapped numbers and say hi once in while.

    All other things being equal, iShould meet one physically this weekend.

    Just be yourself Jazz, who knows? God knows!

  4. Jazz…a few weeks back you were anti-love. Lemme guess- this is the alter ego!
    *bbsmiley for dancing* I am humbled much…you know ur onions when it comes to writing.

    I loved reading this

  5. Ikr?…we all ve dat frnd dat we love unconditionally wivawt tinkin bout gettin laid *ope I’m ryt*…I just got 2 knw u ova de weekend nd I must say I lyk u alredi…esp de slap section we’ve had…knw I’ll get 2 say I love u tho *if she stops wiv de slaps* nice1 hun

  6. Jazzyfizzle! This WOWed me. Burnt my meal reading dis 🙁 Howeva, u touched me with d phrase ‘loving shd not be restricted2 lovers’. On this note, i guess amma take ur advice. I Love U, Jazz!!!

  7. What a write up. Really heart felt. There are people like that we meet randomly but have an ever-lasting effect on our lives. Keep it up!

  8. i wish to have such cool friends like that in the virtual world, it can be fun…my real relationship sucks and am tinkin of quittin, am juss scared of loneliness….dis can be my getaway….@sosamoluseyi

  9. You have actually wowed me… I’m speechless… The write up, the content… The sincerity, the boldness… The TRUTH!!!

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