Tiny Ones Matter The Most

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Sorrow would be effortless underestimation of what Kanyinsola was feeling at that moment as the mist in her eyes paved the way for the tears to fall uncontrollably. The hurt she felt could have sliced through a 30 inch thick door as her inner chest throbbed uncontrollably in unison with the pounding of her already bruised head.

Standing in the aisle of the hospital emergency ward and staring into thin air, she was oblivious to the hundreds of people that came through to pursue their own business. All she knew at this time was that her life as she knew it was over. Thoughts of all the events and memories that had brought her to this point began racing faster than a shooting star in her head, the wooziness got the best of her and alas she slumped to the floor. That was the last thing she remembered.

As the pangs of the aches filled her body, they pushed her awake. Slowly and gently she opened her eyes to the strangest of rooms with the oddest of smells. This bed certainly did not feel like hers as she squirmed around the tiny bed. The squirming required no help to stop as the massive throbbing of her head and chest did that for her without aid. Finally she was still and with a feeble attempt at recognizing her environment, she succeeded (well, a hospital isn’t exactly a difficult place to recognize, is it?).

As she identified her environment, events from the previous came flooding in like a tsunami jerking her back to the crude reality. The tears rolled down freely as she made no attempt to stop them and sorrow like a long lost friend, gave her a warm embrace.

The darkness in her at that point shoved her to want to get out of there but well, it wasn’t so successful (futile if I might add) as she came tumbling down on the floor almost incurring another bruise. This racket caused the attending nurse to appear from nowhere to try to get her back to bed. She was then given another dose that knocked her out almost immediately.

The next two days came almost immediately as she was discharged and Oyinkan was at the hospital to pick her up. A funeral home would have been a much noisier place right now than the SUV Oyinkan and she were riding in. As the deafening silence engulfed them both, worry encrypted the brows of her aunt, Oyinkan while Kanyin (as she is fondly called) was amnesic and so drifted in peace to the solace of her thoughts.

After weeks of Aunt Oyinkan trying out the ‘let it out’ therapy prescribed by the doctor. This was a therapy advised to let Kanyin weep uncontrollably without the famous lines of ‘sorry, it will be fine’, ‘time will heal you’ and all those sweet nothings. This however started with tears and wailings which was ‘progress’ till it became heart wrenching and breaking silence.

This became a source of concern to Oyinkan, understandably if you ask me. She then decided to try a different route which was talking (the irony huh?) to Kanyin. It was time for dinner and Oyinkan decided that she was not going to serve Kanyin in her room this time. If she was really hungry, she would have to come and get the food. This plan did not seem hitch free seeing as she literally had to beg Kanyin to start eating again and that was just two weeks ago.

It was worth a try she thought to herself. Seems like the forces were also in agreement as 30 minutes after the usual dinner time, Kanyinsola took her first steps out of the room that had become her haven for the last five weeks. As the door made a subtle screech, the joy that enveloped Oyinkan’s heart was inexplicable and the look on her face was just priceless. The meal was had in silence (that was more than enough for her at the moment).

Subsequent meals, they dined together in silence and as time passed, precisely 3 weeks after, Oyinkan decided to take a bold step and start off conversation. This did not end well as the monosyllabic answers would have been better replaced with silence.

I’m sure Oyinkan would be eternally grateful to the angel that touched Kanyin’s heart as one day during breakfast, she started off a conversation (the look on Oyinkan’s face should have been photoengraved as it was epic) and soon the two were relieving the good old times and being a shoulder for each other.

The much dreaded topic soon found its way to the surface as the atmosphere tensed up a bit. Oyinkan was not poor but was not exactly a millionaire. At this cross roads were the last place she had expected to find herself at this stage of her young life. Being the god mother of Kanyinsola, she was also a single mother of three. Still nursing her old wound (losing her husband to cancer of the lungs and left with little or nothing to survive with for her kids), fate decided to dump some more on her.

She feared for the stability of Kanyinsola, raising her with standards she knew nothing about. The most heart breaking news was not even the feeding or clothing status but was telling her that her recently gotten admission to a prestigious higher institution could not even be accepted because of lack of funds.

As these thoughts haunted her, her responses fluttered and finally she mustered the courage to lay down the true situation of things to Kanyinsola. Her heart tore apart as the look on Kanyin’s face taught her a new meaning of pain. The pain wrenched her innermost but life went on.
Kanyinsola’s father died in an autocrash ten weeks before. He had been crushed by a trailer whose brakes had failed. He did not see the oncoming trailer early enough to swerve as he had been drinking heavily. He died instantly. He took so many loans that immediately the banks learnt of his death they raced to lay claims to their collaterals.

Thus, Kanyinsola has no roof over her head, food or funds to further her education. Her only hope is her god mother Oyinkan who she remains ever grateful to for taking her in when the so- called relatives labeled her as too much responsibility, as her mother had died at child birth.

I am sure this was not the life Kanyin pictured for herself years ago but the baggage of life was adorned on her even before she had the strength to carry them by the choices of a man who was supposed to ‘know better’.

This was 18 years ago, today Kanyinsola is the sole founder and backbone of ‘saving you’; a charity foundation started for the sole purpose of catering for the needs of orphans. ‘Saving y0ou’ has branches in 6 states and counting at the moment. She goes around the nation showing love to the ‘neglected’ of the society, offering them the life they truly deserve.

Also the C.E.O of an interior designing outfit, kanyinsola thrives on the strength and knowledge she was fortunate to acquire in the past. However, there are some ‘kanyinsola’s’ who aren’t so fortunate and that is the status quo in the world of today. Those Who don’t always end up more successful than their peers or become CEO’s, Top executives and managers and so on.

We as a society need to ask ourselves the probability that they scale through the hardship and wickedness of this brute world. This is reality and in the other Kanyinsola’s of this world’s reality, the suffering is so much that the hardship ages them 20times their age leaving them dried and used up before even 30.

Make responsible choices in life taking into cognizance the people you are going to hurt and leave behind by virtue of those acts. You do not have to be a billionaire; the little everyday choices we are faced with end up being a legacy for our loved ones. Do not take away the dreams of your loved ones and let them have the harsh reality.


***Kelechi Amogu***



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  1. Wonderful, superb, idealistic and image caputring choice of words, each line felt like a scene in a movie. The msg therein sealed it for me. Definately a goodlook ma’am.

  2. Definitely, U’re one KAYINSOLA that is really needed in the society. There’s is no limitation to ur drims. Write on my dearie… The starting was cool and very suspensing. But u really scared me with descriptions of Oyinkan’s conditions… GOOD WORK

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