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Who are you?

This is a common question in different spheres of life. The psychologist uses your answer to know your assessment of yourself; the interviewer uses your answer to know your weakness and your strength.

Whatever your answers, the basic thing is that the answer to the question “Who are you?” should reflect what you know to be true about yourself.

For me, the answer to the question “who are you?” is: I am that really annoying guy who despite he’s weirdness you still love. I am that guy who loves to look beneath the surface and see what people really are cos there’s more than meets the eye. I am that person who knows everyone is not perfect but accepts them the way they are (‘cos truth be told i expect you to accept me the way i am). I am that person who doesn’t gossip (but if it come’s…psst..i aint running cos hey i’m still a human being and that’s probably one of my flaws) I am that person who when people hurt, i try to wear their shoes and if it aint my size a say “Sorry, gotta go”( but really i’m not that insensitive). I am that person who gives everyone (almost everyone) the benefit of doubt (hmmm…maybe i should say benefit of truth) until they lose that benefit.

I am that person who says thank you for even the smallest things. I am that person who forgives a hurt ‘sometimes’ and tries to forget but NEVER does. I am that person who’s afraid to commit but who when i do is fiercely loyal but not blind to flaws. I am that person who’s not averse to learning new things even though I AM SMARTER THAN Y’ALL (grins). I am that person who loves wholeheartedly and tries not to hate wholeheartedly. I am that person who tries to put a smile on the face of everyone i love. I a am that person who knows there are 3 major colours of life: White, Black and all the shades of grey in between.

I am that person who’s optimistic as well as realistic. I am that person who’s successful but if i fail will learn the lesson and move on. I am that person who never lies to myself. I am that person who separates the sting from the message behind every criticism. I am that person who loves and wants to be loved in return. I am a Change Agent. I am that person who tries to be all these things but who when i don’t succeed keeps trying.

So, I am that person whose a saint…erm…sorry.. let me rephrase that; I am a sinner who tries to be a saint (that work for ya?). I am the person who knows who i am anyday. Can you sincerely answer the question bearing in mind that you don’t have to lie to yourself. Can you represent yourself, your family, your country.



Mr Giddy Says so………


***Mr Giddy***





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  1. Hi Mr Giddy, nice post I must say. However, I am of the notion that the answer to the question “who are you?” or “who am I?” transcends our traits and characteristics. It is a question of identity. Our identity goes beyond our traits, characteristics and so on. Our identity is who we’re born and called to be; our purpose (permit me to say God’s purpose for our lives) – Now, that’s who we are.

    If we leave it to our characteristics alone, then life will be boring. In fact, people, situations and circumstances may confuse us; but when it boils down to our God-given identity; failure cannot rule us, circumstances cannot change us because we’d be the master of circumstances ourselves. God bless you.

    For more, please read my thoughts on this articles
    DO YOU STILL HAVE A HEAD – http://dynamiqueprofesseur.blogspot.com/2011/02/do-you-still-have-head.html

    – LDP

  2. Who am I? I am that guy who is not afraid to fail but really afraid to fall… I‘m just me!

    I love this article

  3. i am that guy(a girl in the true sense)..who trusts wholeheartedly n forgives easily..believing the best of errone.
    I am that guy who knows where my weaknesses lie..n shield it from the world 4 fear of getting hurt.. A toughie on the outside but a real softie on the inside.

  4. What LDP said. Because like you said in the beginning of the post, your answer is not reflective of what you will tell your interviewer, your psychologist or God.

    So i propose the question back to you. Who are you?

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