Terrorism – Nigeria’s potential enemy

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My heart goes out to the families that lost their loved ones on the 26th of August to the act of terror manifested within the UN office premises in Abuja.

I don’t know about you but I’m tired of the recent developments in our great nation. This year we’ve had the post-election crisis which claimed the lives of young able bodied corps members(future leaders of tomorrow) as well as various pockets of bomb blasts and now this.

This inhumane, despicable act of terror should serve as a ‘wake-up’ call for the Federal Government of this nation. We, the ordinary citizens of Nigeria, are tired of living in fear. The events that have taken place this year have shown that the Government has failed in its duty to protect the lives and property of its citizens – you and I (a major duty of Government).

The post-election violence that occurred this year in April is something that can’t be forgotten so easily, especially by those families who lost their “hope for the future”. Corps members serving their fatherland dutifully were massacred due to political intolerance. Parents and every Nigerian citizen was outraged but were these individuals brought to book? That’s the problem – Justice is lacking in our great nation.

Now in resolving the conflict and outbreak of violence, the Government decided to employ diplomatic means in resolving the crisis not wanting the violence to escalate. I understand the action of the Government to an extent, this isn’t a military regime but in certain circumstances Force must be applied. In war or resolving issues, force is regarded as the last resort but if a sect of the nation decides to spread violence and breed fear, is force not needed?

However, the budding seed of violence and terror only germinated within the framework of diplomacy.

Boko Haram  is another sensitive issue in our nation challenging the security and the integrity of our nation – Nationally and Internationally. The government claims its trying its best to ‘fish’ out this sect but its progress is slow in comparison with the ever increasing audacity this sect gains everyday. This sect is already causing a social problem in this nation if the government isn’t aware.

People have come to associate Boko Haram with Islam and Muslims, which is wrong but that’s what people believe. If the issues isn’t resolved it will breed animosity among the Nigerian people. We’ve already seen what happened internationally, when people associated Terrorism with Islam, it brought about repression and people being people decided to avoid Arabs all together, the Movie “My Name is Khan” captures this scenario.

Back to my point

The inability of the Government to effectively handle these various pockets of violence that have threatened this nation has only given impetus to more acts of violence. Last year, during the Independence day celebration a bomb exploded not far from the site of jubilation, the Police Headquarters was also attacked in June this year. With all these acts of terror considered successfully by the masterminds behind the operation because they were never caught, this gave them the audacity to choose the UN office in Abuja as their target. If these acts aren’t checked only God knows the next target.

Now the deed has been done, Nigerians have been killed (old and young); the integrity of the nation has been soiled; our security breached over and over again – what are the Government’s plans to curb these acts of terror. The Nigerians that have passed away cannot just die for nothing, the government must act for their sake and ours.

I believe the administration of President Goodluck Johnathan must embrace the proactive approach of administration. Desperate time calls for desperate measures. We, the people, agree that the quantity of information available to us might not be sufficient to be making these claims. However, we expect our Government to take a stand and fight for us and the Nigerian yet to come. That’s our request, we don’t want to live in fear anymore –it’s a repressing way of life.

The Government needs to be proactive because the wave of terrorism is compounding  the nations problem daily. Prior to this Tsunami of Terrorism, Nigeria was still battling with a poor economy, poor education, unemployment etc and the nation was struggling to stay afloat. So it’s clear if we don’t take firm action, terrorism will drown us.

I beseech the Government of today to do away with all reactionary methods and policy. The masterminds of these acts keep improving daily.

To my fellow Nigerians, this is the time to demand for what is yours – Freedom and Security is ours. Let’s shed the attitude of complacency towards the government – nobody knows the next target or who will be involved.

NB: May the gentle soul of every Nigerian claimed by one form of violence or the other in the past one year (and all other years) REST in perfect Peace. Your loved ones miss you.



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  1. The time has come for the Government as well as Nigerians to stand up to this inhumane act and do justice to those involved in this nonsense. Many lives have been lost, the Government security force has to be improved tremendously and do justice to this people.

    Silva Dingwo
    Mass Communication,
    Caleb University, Lagos.

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