City 105.1 FM chats with Noble Igwe & Oye Akideinde on 360noBS & Blogging in Nigeria

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On September 3, 2011, the station for tomorrow’s peopleCity 105.1 FM‘s OAP – Fab Faith  invited Noble Igwe Oye Akideinde for a chat on and the fast growing trend of Blogging in Nigeria.

It was fun all the way …even Zoba gets mentioned in the midst of the convo. Do listen

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City 105.1FM chats with (Part 1)

[audio:|titles=City 105.1 Interviews (Part 1)]

City 105.1FM chats with (Part 2)

[audio:|titles=City 105.1 Interviews (Part 2)]

City 105.1FM chats with (Part 3)

[audio:|titles=City 105.1 Interviews (Part 3)]

City 105.1FM chats with (Part 4)

[audio:|titles=City 105.1 Interviews (Part 4)]

360nobs team photo credit: Wow Magazine



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  1. So u had a chat with a station that has a worldwide audience of 503 people. It really shows that there is more to this accusation. Are you sure you do not have a personal vendetta with CITY 105.1 FM? Cover up your ass, Mr Noble.

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