Mobilize4Africa to End Violence Against Women and Children

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InMobi, the world’s largest independent mobile ad network has not forgotten its roots in emerging markets, including Africa.  This commitment is demonstrated by its involvement in the Mobilize4Africa fundraising event which took place on Monday night, 24 October in New York City.

Mobilize4Africa’s mission is to leverage the power of mobile technology to create positive change in the world. An amazing group of artists, media influencers, content creators and mobile technology experts have come together to form Mobilize4Africa – a revolutionary approach to philanthropy through entertainment and mobile technology.

According to Isis Nyong’o, MD and VP for Africa at InMobi: “As the founding member of Mobile4Africa, InMobi is supportive of innovative ways to leverage mobile technology to reach and educate Africans about the continent’s most pressing problems. By addressing these issues through the powerful entertain and educate model of PCI-Media, we enable wide access to these critical conversations about gender equality and violence against women”.

The fundraiser was an entertaining affair, with music by Angelique Kidjo (her latest album is Black Ivory Soul ) and guest speakers including Sean Southey, Executive Director, PCI-Media Impact and James Lamberti, Vice President, InMobi.  The special guest speaker from Africa was Anne Githuku-Shongwe, Founder and CEO of Afroes.

Afroes creates uniquely African mobile applications and tools for social development, the company showcased its Moraba mobile game at the event as an example of how to leverage education and entertainment for social change.  As part of a UNiTE campaign to End Violence Against Women and Girls, Afroes was commissioned to create a mobile game targeting young people.

The Moraba mobile game is adapted from the hugely popular Southern African board game Morabaraba – also known as Umlabalaba or Zulu Chess. The game adds a quiz element that encourages users to answer questions about Gender Based Violence (GBV) – and in doing so educates and empowers users about GBV. The game can be downloaded from a mobile internet browser at

Mobilize4Africa’s initial fundraising efforts will go towards supporting its mobile flagship ‘edu-tainment programme’ in Africa; a collaborative project featuring PCI-Media Impact’s approach to community-based Entertainment-Education serial drama, designed to foster and empower women within their community.

Comments Executive Director, Sean Southey: “Working with InMobi and others, we will transition our proven 25-year TV and radio entertainment method of change into the mobile medium, and begin to end violence against women not just in Africa, but in all corners of the globe.”

Donations for Mobile4Africa are being accepted at



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