360KITCHEN: KAYTE’S MOI MOI (Steamed Bean Pudding)

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So, it was Thanksgiving in America this past weekend and my friends and I cooked up a storm. I chose to post this because it’s not a meal I make very often for obvious reasons (I hate cleaning beans lol).  My darling friend Mekky helped me clean the beans this time 😀

Moi Moi Ingredients
White beans (Black eyed beans)
Tatashe (Red bell pepper)
Attarodo (Habanero pepper)
Canola oil

Soak the white beans for about 20 mins, and then wash, basically scrub to get the skin off. LOL.  It takes a little while sha.

Make sure you don’t leave the beans soaked in water for too long, according to my mother, it makes it harder to clean – I kind of learnt the hard way.  Once it’s all clean, blend together with the tatashe, attarodo(as much as you would prefer), and onions (at least 2 as it makes it very tasty).  I usually don’t use tomatoes but it can be used(depends on preference).

Peeled/scrubbed beans

Blended into very fine paste, mix in salt, maggi, some canola oil, crayfish, I usually add in some curry and thyme, just a little o. Taste for salt or seasoning and add more if necessary.  Note: You can also add other things like smoked mackerel, sliced boiled eggs, prawns, its all up to you on how simple and plain you want to make it.  

Blended beans with added spices.

I used foil pans so had to grease it with some oil or Pam spray so that the moi moi doesn’t stick when it’s cooked.

The mix in the foil packs and ready to be cooked.

So with some water in the pot, not too much because you don’t want the water to boil over into the moi moi, place the moi moi in the pot and let cook for about 30 mins checking for water levels intermittently.

The foil packs covered and placed in the pot to cook.

Honestly it really doesn’t need 30 mins to cook, but that’s just a comfortable time to make sure each one is properly cooked.

When ready, serve with garri soaked with very cold water. Pure bliss!!!!!!!!

And the MoiMoi is ready to eat. Enjoy.

With love from Kayte.  



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