360KITCHEN: Tuwon Shinkafa and Egusi

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Let me start by saying, I am a true Nigerian and our meals can’t simply be compared with any other. So once in a while I will try to make “oyinbo” foods, the few that I actually like, but other than that, I will be making mostly Nigerian dishes. So, this weekend I decided to make Tuwon Shinkafa and Egusi.

360Kitchen: Food is served

Tuwon Shinkafa is a typically northern Nigeria delicacy.  Born and raised in Kaduna, this is one my favourites which I also enjoy making. Let’s get started.

Egusi (melon seeds)
Goat Meat (preferably beef)
Palm Oil
Dry Fish
Cameroon Pepper
Ugu (spinach, bitter leaf)
Rice for the Tuwon Shinkafa

You start by boiling the meat, for this I used goat meat and that takes a little longer to cook than regular beef. Cook the goat meat for at least 45 mins, some people don’t like their meat too soft.

My Egusi is in a paste because that’s the only way I discovered I can get it as smooth as when you use the grinders back home. So, I use a regular blender and some water and it comes out the same way.

360Kitchen: Egusi paste

In another pot (non stick always works better), put in a good amount of palm oil (not too much o), put some onions and sauté for a few mins.

360Kitchen: Hot Palm Oil and Onions

And then pour in the Egusi paste,

360Kitchen: Egusi paste is poured into the palm oil and now sauteed Onions. 

Then add your crayfish, Cameroon pepper (I honestly dont know why it is called that), some salt and maggi.

360Kitchen: Dry Crayfish
360Kitchen: Cameroon Pepper

Let this fry for about 10-15 mins constantly stirring,that’s why the non stick is better it wouldn’t burn as much.

360Kitchen: Cooked/fried Egusi

Next you add the meat with the stock or just some water if you don’t have any stock, bring to a boil for another 10-15 mins, add in your dry fish and some more salt or maggi if necessary.

360Kitchen: Cooked Egusi with Stock
360Kitchen: Dry Fish

Allow to all cook together for about 10mins and then lastly add in the ugu or whatever leaf of choice.

360Kitchen: Dry shredded Ugu leaves
360Kitchen: All ingredients cooking together.

Taste for salt or maggi, let it all cook for another 15 mins and it’s ready to serve.


The rice used for Tuwon Shinkafa is slightly different from the regular long grain rice, it’s whiter and takes a little longer to cook and a lot more water. Cook the rice until its very soft and you can actually see all the starch causing the grains to stick together and with a ladle just stir it all together so it stays together in a limp basically and you have your tuwo ready to serve.




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  1. This eguisi is easily among the best I’ve had in my whole life. Easily. U really need to start your own culinary school and show people how to do it right,

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