360SUBMISSION: Death Of A Dream

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Nobody knows how it starts or what pulls us in its path;
It just lives in our subconscious, feeding off fantasies never getting nauseous.
Maybe its from TV,
perhaps a CD,
possibly its an offshoot of ur fave celebrity…
Drawing strength from Youth
“I wanna be an actor”, “I wanna murder the booth”
“Catch me making Headlines, tracing nerves from the Spine…”
It’s all Kosher @ that moment.

Sleep gives a dream its strength
so they strongest when u don’t care where the wind went
Or whence it came.
But maturation brings growing pains.
Sleep is reduced, cutting off nutrients to the dream tree that should bear fruit.
They say reality bites,
It also strangles,
cutting off escape routes, narrowing the angles,
“It’s gon take more than teething problems for my dream to bite the dust”.
So u forge ahead,
strong in the head, bank account in the red.

Then again Man don’t live by no Dream
Man lives by the Bread…
It’s ok…
lemme deviate,
get some cheese,
my dream will wait,
I’ll be right back;
but Father Time don’t get down like that,
He surges forward, dragging the dream with him.
Ur scrambling,
scheming how to bust ur dream outta Reality’s prison…
while u’re moving on in years
no longer needing spirit to grow you a beard.
Yes, u’re making some cheese
but this ain’t where u wanna be…
U wanna play ball, U wanna shoot hoops, U wanna lead troops…
Instead, ur stuck behind a desk with these big books.

this is just a Plan B,
but Pardon me, why should Plan B get run before Plan A?
Now ur dreams are on the ropes
“You’re doing good….”
that’s what most people say,
but only you witnessed ur dream move to ICU from the sick bay
starved of vitality,
choked by reality,
You woke up….introduced ur dream to mortality.
Now ur decked in TM Lewins n ;
but in ur spare time, u stay doodling….
thinking…”It mighta been my name these kids woulda been googling…….”

Death Of A Dream
By Ugo Ahumareze



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