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Should I? Should I not? He stood there contemplating for a few minutes. “All I have to do is just step to her and say hi now” he thought to himself. A bead of sweat broke on his fore head, then he thought again “Che how my liver go dey drop to talk to this girl,  abeg I must step to her jo!” and so he did. And that was the beginning.

Many a story of love has been told but none is similar all the way. One in a million is a true Romeo and Juliet story, one in a million is truly love at first sight, so many are mere adventures that go all wrong or all right and end in love while still so many more are true love stories denied. What is love anyway?

Love is generally defined as a strong positive emotion of regard and affection. Although almost every individual has his/her idea of what love is and how to practice it but attempting to break it all down, it all starts with that gut feeling of regard. What one will do in front of the whole world without batting an eyelid becomes such a delicate task that needs to be done with utmost care, because there is that one other person watching. This brings on a war of sorts within the innermost emotions of an individual stepping towards love. Something keeps saying “Hey, be careful he’s/she’s watching” and some other thing keeps saying too “What the heck, he’s/she’s just like any other person”. After a while, the feeling graduates to going out of one’s way to actually impress, caring less if appreciated but again, some emotion is asking for appreciation for what is done. At some point in time, an otherwise very calm, cool and collected person could get real confused with these conflicting emotions. At this point in time, the seed of love has been planted and has started germinating.

For the young teenager that has been reading all kind s of love stories, from fiction to non-fiction, from Mills & Boon to Thrills & Boom, love is the best thing that can happen to man. But for the advancing adult who has had many a heartbreaks and probably enduring a marriage of inconvenience, love should not be mentioned in the world of the sane. Love is sweet and love is bitter but either way,  love makes us tick, woe unto that man that is not open to love.

Thinking further, love does not have to be a strictly man, woman thing you know. One is supposed to have parents, sisters, brothers, children and even friends whom can be loved, that feeling of affection and regard can be displayed here too and when it is not appreciated, the hurt can be felt deeply too. But really, the ability to love regardless of the pain that may come with it is one of the things that distinguishes humans amongst all creations. I read some time ago that there are three particular types of love, eros, philos and agape and these differentiate what we are supposed to feel as love towards others.

Eros as it sounds, is a feeling of love based on erotic desires. The eyes and the heart of an individual is more attracted to the physical attributes of the other than the real personality of that other. Common sense tells that this sure won’t last between a couple, after all the gratifications have been enjoyed, the heart seeks yet another object of eros love.

Philos is a higher kind of love in the sense that it is usually formed on a give and take basis. An individual sees, admires and which to better a particular things noticed in the other, sincere friendship comes more to the fore here because the one individual sees an opportunity to give to the other before thinking of getting back. This kind of love is very welcoming.

Agape is what will make the world go round, it is that selfless love that will make a woman stay with an abusive man, hoping he will change some day. It is that selfless love that will make a man stick to pleasing a woman for years; even when the whole world tells him he is a fool. This kind of love is rare in the world of today but is desired by all. Pride, depreciating social values and inferiority complex is what has been making agape love elusive to many. They see that significant other that they know is so selfless to them but refuse to welcome same because their persons are defined the standards of others. Agape love is divine and only the plainest of hearts will ever enjoys it.

Now ladies and gentlemen, please let’s usher the bride and groom to the dance floor with a round of applause. He heard the thunderous sound of clapping hands and came out of his reverie, he looked to his side and the ever beautiful face of his smiling bride reminded him again of that first day he had been contemplating to step to her or not. And at that very minute, he thanked his stars that he did step to her; he looked forward to spending the rest of his life stepping around the world with her. The applause died down and the DJ put the couple’s special request song on the roll, he held his wife’s hand and led her to the dance floor as the music soothe through the hall. It was R.Kelly’s step in the name of love that was playing, it was just the song for them, it was love for all to see.

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A note from 360admin: The writer got married on Saturday 5th of November 2011.  Wishing him a Happy Married life. 



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  1. gr8 write up, i like…..it………very well.i think u missed one though; storge. So ther’re 4 kinds of love. Storge is taht kind of love which manifests itself as loyalty and commitment to family and kin

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