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It was Sunday morning and my day was going fine, I had everything an undergrad engineering student could dream of – living off-camp in a tastefully furnished apartment, with two (2) choice cars in my rented apartment, enough money to sustain me through 6 months of the year shared amongst 4 different banks. If you’d ask anyone, I was living the life!

Academically, I was doing way better than average, with a G.P of 4.2. I wasn’t a class rep or anything of that sort but my presence was always felt and I was respected by both students and lecturers. Morally, I was doing okay – wasn’t into cultism or “yahoo” or as most guys in school referred to it then, “G”. My dad and mum were separated, so I was getting the best of both worlds. Got money and attention from both of them who tried to outdo each other in order to win my love. Being a pampered only child in a very popular private school located in south-south Nigeria, it was very easy for me to have my way and get whatever I wanted. I was known to be a scandalous flirt with several widespread “sexcapades” that would make your stomach turn inside out. Girls were at my beck and call.

My best friend then was Stanley; he was a typical nerd from a wealthy home, “churchy” in every sense of it. Our friendship, if you’d ask me, was outrightly wrong and our ways were  ironically contradictory as we were more like extreme opposites. No one knew what brought us together, not even me! But we made a good team.

I remember when we had our first big quarrel. It happened during the first semester of our 300L, 2009.  I still wonder how I remember the date and events that took place so vividly. Since he was my best buddy, he knew my hang-out spots, activities, girls I used to chill with, lines I used on girls, he knew practically everything and kept telling me to change my ways “The kingdom of God is at hand, John”– that was his favorite line .

Blackberry phones weren’t in vogue at that time, but being pampered and showered with things I needed and things I didn’t, had me having the latest “bb” out then and so did Stanley. We used to ping so much then that at a point people thought  our friendship was a wee-bit out of the ordinary and more than basic. He kept going on about a girl he met on facebook during the holidays. He talked about her with so much passion that I started calling him “Mr love-struck loverboy”. It so happened that the girl he talked about all the time resumed 100L in our school that session.
Cutting the story short, after a couple of weeks of resumption and settling down. He advised me to come with him and meet his dream girl face to face. He wanted to show me how perfect and (in his words) “McDreamy” she was. I wasn’t interested in that at that point as I had seen and been with several girls and as so wasn’t moved by their make-believe angelic faces, shapes, beauty and what have you. He agreed to hook me up with one of the girl’s roommates if Iaccompanied him on one of his love visits and I guess by now you can already figure out what my answer was?

On a fateful Saturday, days after our chat, while having a couple of drinks with some girls, I got his ping, telling me to come pick him up, so he could see his dream girl.  So I quickly answered his love-cry and in no time we were en route to the eatery to see his girl. On getting there, after exchanging pleasantries, Stanley became the legendary “flash” and disappeared into thin air with his dream-date and I was stuck with the girl’s roommate who was saying a lot of things I wasn’t interested in and willing to listen to. You know how fresh-outta-secondary-school graduates are! I was about to leave, when Stanley returned saying he wanted to introduce me to his dream date’s best friend, that he was 100% sure I would like her. I met the girl and have to admit, I was blown away with what I saw, a perfect blend of elegance, poise, beauty and carriage.  She had a foreign accent and her command of English was superb. Indeed, I was impressed and became interested in her. Her name was Joan. Soon after we got talking, we exchanged numbers, I got to know stuff about her and everything went according to the book. After hours of talking and gisting, we dropped the girls off. This went on for another 3 weeks and then something unexpected happened that ended up ruining our friendship of 11 years……….

Cee Jay

Cee Jay

I'm very plain, simple and realistic. Even then, what you see may not be what you get. With a creative and imaginative mind along side having a thing for scalpels, notepads and pens, it shouldn't be hard to spot me out. Follow me on twitter @ceejay_da_baoss.


  1. Wow! So many views already.. Now I’m really smiling…. A big ☂hαñks to y’all… Keep checking the site to know when part 2’ll be published;)

  2. Awesome write up. Really surprised that Dr. C-J writes. :O ✔ Hope I get the link to the next one. Can I do some writings for u. Maybe on Sports or Romance. Hehehe! Best believe me though, could be ya Love doctor. Bless.
    Pls y’all could follow.. @iamyesboss

  3. @yesBoss- lol- ☂hαñks
    @mersee- noted-
    @all- some’n tells me u guys’ll not be disappointed- just keep checking the site for updates k

  4. @oh!bossa- ☂hαñks man – i rly appreciate
    @ifedolapo- thanks- hope u’ve seen part 2 now 🙂
    @daphney- ☂hαñks a mil- 😀
    @Lahraymi- qui qui. Je suis tellement désolé

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