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Catch up on University days part 1 here.

Weeks passed by after my first encounter with Joan at the eatery. I happened to run into her on my way from the bank two days after, I showed her around school and we started hanging out almost every day gisting about anything and everything. Time passed by faster than expected whenever I hung out with Joan and I saw myself getting sucked in gradually.  Even though yours truly caught a glimpse of what intense interest and affection meant with regards to Ms Joan, that didn’t stop me from the usual clandestine rendezvous I was known for on the side, as I was still getting some action on the regular with different girls. I couldn’t exactly remember their names on some occasions, that made me run into trouble mixing girls’ names up a couple of times.  I then devised a means of avoiding such awkward and embarrassingly unwanted scenes referring to girls as “sweetheart”, “sugar” and whatever nice names I could come up with at the time it was needed, that way I didn’t necessarily have to know or remember their names.

As days turned into weeks and time passed by, I started to want to hang out with just Joan, as I couldn’t concentrate on anything else. The feelings were confusing and all-consuming.  Other girls didn’t seem interesting anymore; I wanted to be with someone that understood me, or at least tried to!  I cancelled on a lot of dates and stood up several sweet chicks.  All these didn’t matter to me as I was having a good time hanging out with Joan on the regular.

As fate would have it, so was Stanley with his dream girl. Things were going pretty well for them, at a much slower pace than mine though. I was always there for him, he was always there for me, the world was balanced.  Being that I hung out with Joan more often than usual, I got a little distracted and carried away, you know how guys get when it comes to “woman-matter”.  Stanley always had my back with regards to assignments, classwork and even tests – Oh, yes! I started cheating, dubbing, spying, everything naughty you can imagine to make up for the distractions – I did! He was always so coded about everything that no one suspected a thing. He was the best possible friend any guy could ask for.

As well as I can remember, the root of the problem can be traced back to about 3 weeks after he introduced me to the girls (dream-girl and her friends) at the eatery. He told me he wanted all four of us to chill somewhere exciting, and I suggested my apartment.  It so happened it was a Good Friday, so most people in school had gone home and some people stayed behind.  All four of us were in school that weekend. I had to clean up and stock up the place. I even re-arranged the place a little, knowing I would be having visitors later that day. I filled my fridge with “the good”, “the appetizing” and “the ever-so-desired” – alcohol: from red wine to spirits, I got different choice brands; chocolates – dairy milk, maltesers and ferrero rocher made my fridge look like I sold them or was a distributor. I was ready for the girls, and all I had to do was wait.

A couple of hours later that day, I woke up to my disturbingly loud buzzing ringtone, I checked my phone and realized I had 7 missed calls, my visitors had been outside waiting for me for God knows how long.  After sincerely apologizing, trying really hard to be a gentleman and bribing the girls with chocolates and cookies, we got talking as usual and that was the first time, dear reader, that I got to talk to Stanley’s dream girl for more than 10 minutes, I got to know a little about about her, that her name was Idongesit, that she preferred being referred to as “Idy” as people couldn’t really pronounce her full name well and that she was Akwa Ibom.  Just for the record I must confess that I’ve always had a thing for Akwa Ibom/Calabar girls and I still do.

Back to the story, the evening was eventful, we did a little karaoke competition, played scrabble, monopoly, truth or dare, Joan danced for us, I played the guitar for everyone. It was fun fun all the way.  Believe me when I say we corrupted Joan and Idy with spirits as they were pretty much “stoned”, chanting songs I had never heard in my life when I dropped them off in front of their hostel later that day. On returning to my apartment I replayed the days events and assessed how well things had played out in my head. However, I kept going over my conversation with Idy, I could tell she was incredibly smart for her age, I couldn’t lay my finger on what it was about her, but besides her beauty which she always hid with her Brazilian hair constantly left hanging around her face and little or no makeup on, there was something I couldn’t place about her, something even I couldn’t understand.

I’m sure by now you already have a bad impression about me, and a pretty good impression about Stanley. Oh no no no!!! Don’t get it twisted, he was churchy and serious in school, but just as they say “Show me your friends and i’ll tell you who you are”, he wasn’t as goody-goody as you’d expect.  I had hooked him up with some 100L girls the previous session(we were in 200L) of which he had “kinda” gotten a little serious with one of them. Uju, was now a 200L medical student that was head over heels in love with Stanley, but being all churchy and all, he never really made a move and asked her out. That’s that!

Along the line, things got a little heavy and complicated, as old students had fully resumed and pretty-pretty Uju was not about to let some 100L girl steal her hard-to-come-by- Stanley. This had me at crossroads as I had to cover for him, being that we rolled together. This kept me from my sweatheart, Joan and him, from Idy most of the time.  I’m sure you’ve heard “All shall be revealed with time” and “Nothing is hidden under the sun”, right?  Let’s just say things didn’t go as planned from that point on – you know, clearing bbm chats, deleting call logs and lying incessantly to cover our tracks.  It wasn’t easy but looking back on how things played out, I must say we tried!

I covered up for him so much that my daily cherished moments with Joan turned to hanging out once a week and the distance started to grow. Being a pretty girl (jambite), she wasn’t difficult to spot out and soon the “blood hounds” started calling for her. It got so bad that there was practically nothing to talk about whenever we saw, every moment with her became mundanely boring, she lost that alluring sparkle in my eyes and I knew it was a lost cause so, I started to keep my distance.

Idy on the other hand started to feel Stanley real bad (I mean that in a good way).  She was stuck on Stanley and everyone started to notice.  He was as it were, living the life, he had Uju on the palm of his hand and Idy tripping for him. Yet, I started to hate my lifestyle, as I was no longer serious with my studies (my grades had dropped badly), I was not in any serious relationship and the fact that I knew the girls I hung out with were passing fancies just made matters worse. I became moody, ill-tempered, depressed, let’s just say things got really bad for me. This went on for about a month and I started to envy Stanley.  I knew with the way he was going he was going to leave someone heartbroken and hurt himself in the process, so I stepped in and did something I know I shouldn’t have………….

Cee Jay

Cee Jay

I'm very plain, simple and realistic. Even then, what you see may not be what you get. With a creative and imaginative mind along side having a thing for scalpels, notepads and pens, it shouldn't be hard to spot me out. Follow me on twitter @ceejay_da_baoss.


  1. well, i dunno what to say. u saw urself being played out by Stanley and u cudnt handle it. u had a taste of ur medicine and u ruined another man’s show. cant wait for the concluding part. nice read by the way.

  2. Omo playboy..she say she
     go follow u playball #brymo

  3. @yuzedo- dunno 😐 let’s wait and see 🙂
    @kills- having a taste of ur own medicine sucks like hell
    @carter- lol-
    @kills – ur evil :p

    @ all- kindly follow me on twitter @ceejay_da_baoss


  4. Wow…okay I’m lyk totally itchin to get to d end…haba part 1 den part 2??I hp part 3 is d end o coz I cnt kip takin d suspense anymore..

  5. Ok now, why did u end it right there?! Lol, awesome Pt. 2 and btw, is anyone pondering what am pondering might happen next? 2 words though. —> Shakabula and Thunderbolt.
    Ama appreciate y’all follow me ur new friend -> @iamyesboss

  6. @yesboss- a good pot of soup requires money, the necessary ingredients and above all, time to prepare it. 😀 – ☂hαñks a mil
    @anita- “all shall be revealed with time”lol- – ☂hαñks for the support
    @mz_oritz- part 3 ‘ll be out as soon as possible, keep checking the site. ☂hαñks

    @all- ☂hαñks for the support- i remain grateful. *smiles* 🙂 :

  7. @Temmy – #noted – ☂hαñks
    @ all- ☂hαñks 🙂 ({})

    A very special thanks goes out to Ms Tonia Soares and Ms Laura Ahmed for making this possible

  8. Hmmmmmmm! Nice article! Buh Ɣ does dis story seem S̶̲̥̅ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡ familiar aπϑ real to m̶̲̥̅ƹ! Nvm! A̶̲̥̅♏ loving it…ride one!

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