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On the menu today is Pasta with Ox Tail stew. Before we proceed, I want to apologize for not taking a final picture of the pot of stew, I couldn’t wait to eat the food, LOL.  Ok, let’s get down to the business at hand.

Ox Tail (2 lbs)
Tatashe (Red bell pepper)
Atarodo (Habanero pepper)
Canola Oil
Spring Onions

First start with setting the Ox tail to cook. It takes a little longer to cook than regular beef. Season with salt, maggi, some thyme, lots of onions, and garlic.

In a separate pot preferably non stick, start to boil the blended tomatoes, tatashe, atarodo, and onions.

Boil it till dry,when you can see holes through it basically when boiled and dry.

Pour a good amount of canola oil (not too much biko) because stew with too much oil is never very attractive, Lol.

Pour in the meat stock and let it all boil together. Taste for salt and seasoning and add as needed. Let that all cook together for 10-15 mins then add the now boiled Ox tail.  It’s best to use a non stick pot so the stew doesn’t burn too bad, it needs constant stirring, well not exactly constant but intermittently.  Let it all cook for about 20 mins, finally just before you turn off the stew add your diced spring onions, the taste and aroma is amazing with it.

For the Pasta, put a good amount of water into a pot with a few drops of oil and some salt for taste.

Bring that to a boil and as it begins to boil, pour in the pasta and let it all cook together. When the pasta gets soft, pour into a strainer and run cold water over it. The oil and the cold water help to prevent the pasta from sticking together.  Once rinsed out put back in the pot and leave over very low heat, you can add some butter at this time for extra flavor and just let it all warm together.

Your meal is ready to be enjoyed.





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  1. thank u kayte, keep it coming *thumbs up* -i alway get to pick up some tips.
    todays tip is the oil 2 prevent from sticking and the butter for extra flavour.
    like me and my freinds will say Good food is fun.

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