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Standing there, transfixed looking at my best friend look back at me sent shivers down my spine. He broke the awkward silence after about 10seconds.

“Uhm… Wow! … Uh.. I didn’t expect to find you here John, its really uh.. shocking and uh.. unexpected… Na real wa!”, said Stanley, so calmly.

Even though I knew I had been caught red handed, I still tried to save my face and hers of course, as the ground hadn’t opened up to swallow us up and save us from the shame. I found myself “misyarning” (talking without thinking first).

“Uh…….Yeah! Uhm… Things change and people change, we were just chi……. chilling”.

I looked at her for that confirmatory nod for affirmation and she didn’t disappoint. I tried to think of a million things to say, but at that point I was blank and stupid-looking like “Dum dum” in “Night at the museum”.  

“So uh…. How was ur day man?”, I blurted.

The situation was so shitty and no one had anything concrete to say. We stood there for like 20 minutes asking each other irrelevantly stupid and unrelated questions that had obvious answers, till Idy stepped up as my ‘lady in shiny armor’ to save the day.

“Wow! Look at the time guys…. I think its rather late and way past my bedtime…and I think i’ll need to head back to my hostel”.  

That certainly did the trick and ended the weird awkwardness,  soon we were all in the car, acting like nothing happened, well almost. Neither Stanley nor Idy uttered a word. It was like we were at a graveyard or something, I could actually hear my watch ticking away. I couldn’t “jam-up” as I thought it would be inappropriate to start playing music, I mean supposing a track came on that made reference to the unspoken situation.

Idy said her goodbyes and alighted in front of her hostel. We were left in the car and Stanley still not saying anything even after I dropped him off in his hostel. I had already played out different possible scenes in my head and I had a million things to say to him, had he said anything.  His silence hurt me more than a million words could and guilt consumed me when I got back to my apartment.  I tried to eat but couldn’t, played cool blues to stimulate the higher centers of my brain to relax and thus initiate sleep but that had no effect either.  I even went as far as taking a “valium” pill to help induce sleep but to no avail. I was shocked when I realized what the time was after the seemingly unending lifetime, it was just 1:30am. I swear I had imagined it would be 4am or something. I started wondering if time had paused because of my betrayal or if I was still sane.
After a lot of thinking, I finally decided to ping him, hoping he’ld have slept off by that time so I could justify my conscience saying I tried. But to my surprise, my “Hey sup “ was immediately replied with

“Nice work John”

Before my “Its not what you think” could even deliver, I started getting tons of pings from him.

“I trusted you”
“How could you do this to me”
“Bawo l’o se se eleyi si mi, ore mi”

At this point, I stopped to absorb what was going on. I had known Stanley practically all my life, and I knew he was Yoruba but he was known to speak nothing but English at all times even while doing “mishai” or whenever he had dealings with any handyman or artisans. There was never a telltale sign to show he was Yoruba as he never spoke Yoruba or even “Pidgin- English” for that matter. While I was still trying to crack my brain to understand the seemingly complex yoruba message I had received earlier, I got another ping,

“Ma see fun e”

For the record, I can’t speak yoruba or any Nigerian language for that matter, just English and a couple of translations of rotten words in about 4 different languages.

You know that feeling you get when you know someone is insulting you in his language or a language you don’t understand and you don’t know what exactly is being said? Well, that was the vibe I got that very moment, so I decided to stop replying his pings and took another tablet of “valium”. Soon, my eyelids started to close uncontrollably as I felt very weak all over. The next time I opened my eyes was 1pm the next day. The first thing that crossed my mind was to go through my phone. I saw a couple of unimportant pings, 3 missed calls and a message. Nothing from Stanley. The 3 missed calls were from Idy and the message read thus,

“I really don’t understand you at all. Is this one of the sick games you play on those your girls or what? One moment your with my best friend, the next, you’re asking me out, knowing fully well that your best friend has a thing for me. You tried to force a kiss on me after claiming to love me, yet you couldn’t even be descent enough or be a gentleman  and call or text me afterwards, who the hell does that? Who do you think you are? Anyway, for your information, I’m not one of those stupid girls that don’t know the reason why they came to school. I’m not interested in whatever your asking me for or whatever you have to offer. I do not want to be involved in any of your games.

I was stunned, not only was my best friend angry with me, she was too. At that point, I didn’t know if I did the right thing by making a move on her in the first place.

[To be continued ]

Cee Jay
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Cee Jay

Cee Jay

I'm very plain, simple and realistic. Even then, what you see may not be what you get. With a creative and imaginative mind along side having a thing for scalpels, notepads and pens, it shouldn't be hard to spot me out. Follow me on twitter @ceejay_da_baoss.


  1. I’m completely hooked… very nice, keep them coming…
    But cee jay, u no try o! you should have at least called her or sent her a message when you got home… when will u guys learn how we women work?!
    Don’t let us wait too long for part 5

  2. @noir- 3 words- “women are complicated”..lol- wasn’t John’s fault actually, he had Stan to worry bout.
    @temmy- ☂hαñks
    @chizzy- u’ll see soon – thanks

  3. Buh serzly stan dint call bk???who does dat??haba he dint try o..rili lawvin ds much..wnt yu kip us outta ds suspense already??

  4. @ola- sorry for the delay- ☂hαñks

    @ify- he didn’t call back oh- maybe he was pissed that his pings weren’t replied,or even read :s – John rly did a number on him -as for suspense-not ma fault-:D

    @gidi- hehe- u know E V E R Y! 😉 Not intentional tho. He truly was sry- buh hey, he had no regrets remember

    @sage ☂hαñks for the support 😀

    @carter- niiice – like ur words- pun intended i presume- no pinging tho- 😀 – ur jst gna have to wait a couple of days and check the site for the next part 😀

  5. Why do I have a feeling partV won’t be the concluding part?.. Nice one john.. Let’s see how you entangle urself from this one 😐

  6. @joy- what she went thru? John obviously didn’t see it that way. If u were in John’s shoes, whose fire would u put out 1st- Stan’s or Idy’s- bear in mind the fact that he’d known Stan all his life and that Stan was his wingman all-round including academically 😉

  7. I’m captivated by this story… Just like when u’re watching say ’24’, and an episode ends… That urge to watch the next episode…. Can’t Wait!! Use of English is also on point! Thumbs Up!!

  8. @mike- lol- 🙂 ☂hαñks
    @el-fadil – thanks- soon – very soon
    @amaka_roseann- ☂hαñks dear 😀
    @oge- ☂hαñks
    @phermy- u were just lucky- err day for tha badt guy- one day, he’ll get caught(when his hearts rly in it).

  9. I always look forward 2every part of this interesting article and I can’t stop telling my friends n all about it.They are held spellbound by these incredible piece…..Good Job!!!!!

  10. @cee jay(in response to u last reply to joy).
    John had stan’s fire to put out and Idy’s fire to stroke, remember what he said about her? “she on the other hand, was “that” girl, the kind you see once in your life time and once you mess up your chance to be with her, poof! she’ll disappear”. He should have been worried about both of them not just stan. The guy no just try jor 🙂
    Can’t wait for it all to unfold, keep them coming.

  11. @noir- u have a point- buh wait till u see part 5, remember in a university setting where u have lectures from 9-5 err day – things can never go as planned – buh u gon’ see- trust me 😉 .
    John didn’t really understand Idy- that’s why he didn’t call- he was used to gals giving him more attention than required (8-|) . Imma keep ma mouth shut nw-lol– wait till u see part 5 😉

    @mzz_towseen- lol- ☂hαñks 😀

  12. @oma_hunnie- horrible posish ey? Used? How? He came out of the closet and poured his heart out-(some’n he wasn’t used to) pretty sweet if u ask me tho 8-| – not calling or texting that day wasn’t cool tho- 😐 :

  13. @Gn – i don’t get u- :s
    @Tega- keep checking the site for part 5- ☂hαñks for reading and supporting me. 🙂
    @f.lake- ☂hαñks dear- imma keep that in mind-:D

  14. Niceee…I really loved it! Please be sure to ‘cc’ me when you post the next one. Thanks.
    Oh! And Idy kissed him back…he didn’t know why but she did. So how did ‘force’ enter that message? Pfft.

  15. @glitterrz- ☂hαñks -try holla back wiv ur twitter handle- or try check the site frequently
    @ the “force’ part- Hehe- girls and their lines- lol-

  16. D gurl shuld drink poison jor, stanley shuld hang hmself nd john shuld bury both of em nd den stab hmself nd die too! #E.N.D 😀

  17. Cee Jay please now…if we beg u, will u post part 5?
    Its been days already and feels too long jor.
    Don Allah muna jiranka 😉

  18. @noir – not up to me- hopefully, part 5 should be out in a couple of hours or so- pls bear with 360admin. I’m really sorry bout the delay – pls forgive me – ma binu

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