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“Never judge a book by its cover”- unknown
“Not all that glitters is gold”– unknown
“It takes one to know one” -unknown


People always felt I lived the perfect life. From the exterior, I had everything any undergrad could possibly dream of. But as far as smoke screens and facades go, I was just a living example of what it meant to constantly cover the pain and weaknesses with a “front”.

Receiving money from both parents separately on the regular was one thing but living in a house (not a home) devoid of love was another. That all consuming emptiness deep within that could push someone over the shakily thin walls of sanity. Being an only child compounded my issues, as there was never anyone to talk to and share my problems with or anyone that really had my time.
Both parents as politicians in different political parties, so I hardly ever saw either one of them.  It was always me, myself and I.  Holidays for me were vacations to hell on earth (with golden gates of course).  I was always under serious lock down, couldn’t go anywhere without an aid or security detail knowing my business and itinerary. It was hell!!!! Fashe all the trips I had going on back on campus, at home I was just an over pampered and over protected baby that had someone following him everywhere  all the time because both parents were under the impression that their political opponents were out to get them by hurting me.

Over the years I had gotten so used to the mundane routine that the desire to go out, hang out with chicks or go visit friends had long eluded me. However, that holiday was spectacularly different. Idy had told me she had a boyfriend the day I headed home, remember? I had every intention of respecting that, even if it meant being in the friend zone (for a while *winks*). We stayed in contact, text messages, pings (oh yes! I was back on her bbm) and routine calls occasionally.

At this juncture, i’d like to say I really don’t know if it was intentional or what, but she always kept bringing up gist about her boyfriend and their relationship, as if she was under the impression that I was cool with everything. (PS- girls never seem to get it- because a guy plays “the friend card”, doesn’t mean he’s completely okay with you telling him how caring, sweet and loving your boyfriend is, GEEZ!!). As a nice friend however, I “listened” every time even though it hurt me.  Constantly talking to her made me realize we were more alike than I had thought before. It wasn’t long after that that I started to confide in her, telling her deep stuff, my pains, heart desires and more. Being an only child too, it wasn’t hard for her to relate and truly understand what i’d been going through. We talked, we communicated, we shared, we bonded completely. At this stage, I started to wonder if she was truly human. I was sure she was meant to be with me. I had gotten the sign from heaven that I had been waiting for. All the same I played it cool and remained a nice friend.

The new year had begun and students had started resuming, all of a sudden, we heard that some engineering students raped some girls that stayed back in school during the Christmas break. The school was investigating it, trying to find out the exact students involved. For the meantime it was narrowed to my set. I still don’t understand why, but the school authorities suspended all the students in my engineering set till further notice while the investigations went on as no one was willing to give up the names of the people involved in the horrid act.

The indefinite suspension got me spending more time in the “Askaban (Harry Potter)”- hell hole called home. Things got better for Idy and I during that period as we started making night calls. We would talk from 12 through 5am every day and it became something to look forward to everyday.
Things started changing gradually as she stopped talking about her boyfriend as often as before. Talks with her were more about just the two of us. However, this was short-lived, as her boyfriend started complaining about her attitude towards him and about the fact that she was always up in the night talking to me (he knew me as her friend- but never bought the fact that I just wanted to be her “friend” for a minute).  At first it was mild, then it really became very serious, he suddenly started calling her every night and all. Being her boyfriend, she couldn’t put him on hold, I ended up getting the following every blessed day…

“I’m sorry John, i have to take this call, its my boyfriend, chat with you later dear”

It started to get to me, till I stopped staying up to try chat with her. We started to drift apart. I knew it wasn’t my fault, neither was it hers. I decided to stick to once-in-a-while- daytime- calls and text messages. Her responses or should I say the lack of them weren’t encouraging but that didn’t stop me. I couldn’t get her out of my head no matter how hard I tried to. This continued all through the suspension period.

[To be continued…..]

Cee Jay
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Cee Jay

Cee Jay

I'm very plain, simple and realistic. Even then, what you see may not be what you get. With a creative and imaginative mind along side having a thing for scalpels, notepads and pens, it shouldn't be hard to spot me out. Follow me on twitter @ceejay_da_baoss.


  1. Cee Jay; we should threaten to stalk u more often, maybe u’ll post d story everyday ;).
    This is nice and well written as usual, keep them coming…

  2. @basooh – i get how u feel- buh pls note that this is not fiction, some details have been adjusted not to give away peoples identities. Every part is for a reason- u may not understand why this is like this now cos u don’t know tha full story- i guess when u read part 7- u’ll remember this reply. Anyhoo-thanks for the comment 🙂

    @nneka- so sorry bout it- would try add more details next ► time and reduce the suspense k 😉

    @Carter- u and ur lines- ☂hαñks – u’ll understand why it was short soon k- just so u’d know, that’s why it was posted really early. Trust me on this one k 😉

    @noir – ☂hαñks dear- lol @”stalking me” – anyhoo- this was posted on time for a reason- 😉 – that aside, new posts’ll be more frequent k 🙂

    @nkaybarbs – lol- u’ll understand why this one was like this when u read pt 7- and imma refer u to this page 😀 – ☂hαñks 😉

    1. Keep up the elcelxent piece of work, I read few content on this website and I conceive that your site is rattling interesting and contains circles of superb information.

  3. @qmoloks- it had to be short cos of the next part- trust me- ☂hαñks

    @florid- uhm- its a true life story of a close friend of a friend ;). And yeah, I’m a medic (clinicals) 🙂 – thanks

    @cocofresh — u’ll see – soon 🙂 ☂hαñks

  4. I can relate to this. Meeting someone that totally understands you.. The part of the boyfriend is normal now. You should have let her go so you won’t ruin her relationship.

  5. @ifeoma- u’ll soon find out – 🙂
    @amaka_322 – let her go??? John should have let her go after everything??? 😮 . I guess its easy to say cos u don’t know where he’s coming from

  6. @eromzy -@ “kinda short”- noted – the next part’ll be posted sooner than u think- ☂hαñks

    @1665- ☂hαñks §wêêt§ :)-just saw ur avatar- ur cyuute… My network has been shitty – check again 😉

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