360SUBMISSION – 9ICE: Talent, Style and Bad Press.

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Taking a cursory look down memory lane, Great men are touted to be great not because of the talent which they exhibit alone but because they make grave mistakes and even after been written off would always manage to rise above water and shut their critics up.

Abolore Akande aka 9ice means a lot to different people. To many, he is a very talented songwriter, lyricist and singer who is also very down earth. To another set, he is talented but they have a problem with him because he doesn’t ‘flow’ with the time. The fact that he has refused to join the bandwagon of musicians who go into the studio to spew rubbish and sing about booze, sex and women and who try to imitate the Western style of talking, singing and dressing has also gotten him into hot water with some others.

After the release of his 3rd album (TRADITION), he had a marital problem and so the cracks began for him. The Album itself was not bad as it is very rich in lyrical content and definitely one for the matured minds but still mad media conspired to ‘kill’ the album. As a result of his problems with his wife, he lost so many fans who were unimpressed by spats between himself and  his wife on Twitter. Then came his beef with Rapper Ruggedman. All these led to a fall in his stock and here, the media saw the chance to finish him off.

Perusing through blogs then, I was always disappointed with many popular bloggers who came up with stories that they couldn’t substantiate; all in a bid to diminish his worth in the view of right thinking people. One popular blog accused 9ice of fighting physically in public but yet, this blogger couldn’t produce a single shred of evidence nor did he satisfy the doctrine of AUDI ALTAREM PATEM(Hear the other side). A radio station in Ibadan claimed that 9ice was postponing the release of his double albums because he was broke.

The worst was one I saw on 360nobs.com a certain guy called ‘MONK’ in his column which was published in November 2010. In the article, he claimed that 9ice was finished and should hang up his microphone. The writer displayed his ignorance and emotions when he claimed that 9ice had released a double album after Tradition and that they flopped (That was in 2010). I was miffed when I saw this and I had to ask friends if 9ice’s double album was out and no one has seen it, ironically, the albums were just released a whole year after writing that maliciously intended write-up.

2011 was hell to fans of 9ice as the media had written him off. On December 7 2011, while I was in class awaiting my Civil Litigation Lecturer for the day’s lecture, I saw on twitter that the double albums (Bashorun Gaa and Versus) were out and my heart skipped. I was unsure if the albums would make sense; not after the Nigerian media had almost turned me against him. However, the reviews I saw on twitter were massive as people were rating the album an average of 4 stars over 5. I couldn’t wait for class to end as I bolted to Obalende and then every vendor told me that the ALBUMS HAD SOLD OUT.

After the massive entry of the albums into the market, one would expect the Nigerian Press to ‘hype’ them in their little way but many of them refused to even acknowledge the release of his albums. The conspiracy continued.

Many of the websites are still trying to downplay the success of the albums. On the 6th of January, a story emanated from thenetng.com or something where it was written that 9ice moved out of his House into Ogba and did that to severe contact with his associates. The unknown writer went ahead to state that 9ice was not ALIST and that Davido and Wizkid was better. That story, titled “9ice moves out of Ogba home, plans Solo Concert” caused some uproar on Twitter and some notable websites circulated the story and spread the false assumptions.

To the issue of who is A list and who isn’t, the doctrine of Res Ipsa Loquitor applies. 9ice is up there with the Crème-de-la-crème of the Music industry. His albums have been platinum and he has won major National and International awards. Comparing him to Davido is worse as Davido has no album to date and I have never even heard his song.

I am sure his music and the success of his albums is an answer to his critics. He sure doesn’t have to reply them. Whatever is incessantly attacked must surely be so good. However, I am still expecting 360nobs.com or that ‘MONK’ of a guy to either affirm or deny that story published in November 2010. Meanwhile, affirming it would be a volte-face on their part while denying it would ensure that their credibility is at its lowest ebb.

All I am saying is that the Nigerian Press should not sacrifice sensationalism for credibility. Learn to say things the way they are and not the way you want them to be.

Ayokunle Odekunle, a Graduate of Law is a Student of the Nigerian Law School and can  be reached on Knuckleswithoddy@yahoo.com




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  1. “musicians who go into the studio to spew rubbish and sing about booze, sex and women”

    What then does he sing about? From singing about booze to sex to women, he has sang them all.. so I’m not sure I understand what u mean by unlike other musicians? Dude!! I honestly don’t get the aim of this ur write-up.. and I read it 3times…
    9ice is a “good” artist no doubt… His martial problems aside, he has diminish in my own opinion… Yes he sings about sex, booze and is as guilty as the others… He needs to go back to the drawing board… I think doing the double album was a big mistake on his part…

  2. nice write-up, 9ice does get a lot of stick for reasons i don’t know but he’s A-list for sure, his recent birthday celebration at industry night had EVERYBODY out! and all his albums were solid…even tradition isn’t as bad as people make it sound, it just had the misfortune of following the seminal gongo aso album which is a classic!

  3. 9ice is 1 of d best 9ja artist eva. 9ice beta den wizkid nd davido put 2geda. Wizkid is jst 1 of d lucky stars, d guy no sabi sing. Dsame goes 2 davido. Who even knw davido?

  4. U shldnt compare 9ice 2 ma precious DAVIDO. I dnt kno of wizkid(he got a talent n gud voice bt bad lyrics), bt davido’s got d talent, incantation too, gud voice. So watch u say dudes. 9ice double album make sense small. Kept listenin 2 on point, altitude n pace setter. D album lack rappas

    1. my friend take a sit…how can you compare someone has has 4 albums with someone that has 3 singles..where is that done? davido may be talented as you say but its BIG INSULT to compare him to 9ice in any form,talent or otherwise..
      Wizkid is not even a shadow where 9ice is..
      this is the problem with Nigerian,we fail to give respect to who its due,we jump at the newest talent and soon we get tired of them and jump to the next..dont ever say this thing again..*hiss*

  5. U shldnt compare 9ice 2 ma precious DAVIDO. I dnt kno of wizkid(hes got talent n a gud voice bt bad lyrics), bt davido’s got d talent, incantation too, gud voice, evrytin. So watch wat u say dudes. 9ice double album make sense small. Kept listenin 2, ‘on point, altitude n pace setter’. D album lacks rappas

  6. How would anyone fucking compare 9ice to Davido. Davido of all people? Go and sleep jor. 9ice’s double album is the bomb and 9ice’s lyrical dexterity and unmatchable by no Nigerian artist. 9ice has so had so many madt singles and he churns out evergreen songs. You should be comparing Davido to wizkid and the likes and not 9ice. 9ice is too big for me.
    And for u nay sayers, did you see ow 9ice’s birthday turned up? Almost all major artistes and there. Don Jazzy came ahead of schedule and dat is to show you how respected he is and you say he is outta the game?
    If you haters have nothing else to say, take a chill pill and get the fuck out. 9ice has shown you that it is not for any man to read out your death sentence; only God can do that.
    And as follow 4yeyed monk and 360nobs, shame on you.

  7. Hmmm; naija is such a very very funny en intrestin country. All i gat to sey to all of u is HAS ANY1 in nigeria industry ever done dah kind of a concert in it hiphop entertainment sector. If u were lucky to attend u wuld knw d true defination of talent en d real meanin of FANS. Even ur tontirin Davido en Wizkid en others were givin 9ice Props. Shikena end O̶̷̩̥̊͡F tori

  8. Most folks don’t know d difference between “Hits & Classics”. d likez of X-project, Deebee Collabo and ur Davido (to mention a few) released hit songs bt no classic albums. 9ice does more good music nowadayz which he deserve props for. whoever compares 9ice to Davido is a donkey!
    mention any Nigerian act dt has released an 18-track non-rap album (with good content).
    Big ups to the writer.

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