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I was thinking to myself when I started seeing twitter links sometime last week that read ‘Mocheddah Leaves Knighthouse’, Mocheddah Says Bye-Bye to Knighthouse’, ‘Is this the end of Mocheddah as she says bye bye to Knighthouse?‘.

The tweets got me thinking well enough to throw out an open disucssion to the public for their views too.

In my thinking, KnightHouse would have been of the view that their star songstress and femcee who they have brought up to the star she has become owes them everything for where she is today(She was officially introduced in 2008).  They did everything a record label should rightfully offer its artist.

During her work relationship with the label, the songstress has released an album Franchise Celebrity and also had a chance to collaborate with other artists on her label and outside her label.  Mo is also a proud owner of a few awards as well as one of the most coveted awards in the music industry for new artists MTV’s MAMA award for Best New Artist for 2010. She has 5 videos under her belt, 2 of them directed by Clarence Peters.  Mo’s initial buzz into the industry was on Knighthouse’s The Finest’s hit track ‘Won Beri’, then she was the 2nd runner up in 2009’s Hennessy Artistry(Ice Prince Won) and the rest is really history as she has claimed the necessary status for an artist as versatile as she is.  She is a rapper, a singer and a dancer and most of all verrryyy CUTE.  A bonafide rising star. And we all know she recently graduated from University of Lagos with a BA in Creative Arts.

So, what could have gone wrong? 3 full years with KnightHouse and its the end?

On the other hand, Mo would and could have been of the view that she and Wizkid started this hustle probably around the same time.  But we know that Wizkid is on a different paycheck to that of Mo’s.  There are also artists that have come right after MoCheddah and they are definitely garnering all the  attention needed. So could it have been a financial decision for her?

Looking at the position Mo’cheddah sees herself in an industry that is fairly fickle and your stardom is probably based on the number of shows you can get, the crowd you can pull, would it have been fair for her to leave so soon?

Where did they get it wrong with her?

Would going outside of a protective label like KnightHouse do her any good or harm her already established Naija’s Hip-pop princess image?

Nigeria isn’t an easy play ground to play on without having some strong ‘connect’ and will power to boot.  There are so many things in the industry that could ruin an artist, if proper care isn’t taken. There are many wolves that are ready to pounce if you are not standing and firmly built on a rock. Men find it tough and women, well….. (fill in the gap).  So, its absolutely IMPORTANT to work with people who actually genuinely believe in you regardless of whatever, the people that have always known you as they would always fight for you no matter what.

There is no doubt, NONE whatsoever, that wherever she moves to the hits will keep rolling in, as long as she works with the right people that can enhance her talents. She is a total package.

Let’s not forget that change is the MOST constant thing in life. We lose some, we gain some but sometimes, its probably better to stick with what you know, trust and find a way to make it work except it’s a constant failing, then by all means MOVE ON.


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  1. everything seems so perfect on the surface but don’t ever forget wat happens behind closed doors.if she has decided that she wants to leave the best is to pray for her to get it right.i love mocheedah and i pray she get’s the best in life.

    P.S she has really had a lot of distractions and negative press so please let her be for the moment.

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