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Sometimes, a lot of guys forget or under-estimate how much thought women put into the most mundane things, like why a woman would buy Maggi Star to make Egusi soup, and then buy Knorr Chicken to make stew, Maggi is Maggi right? No. Not for the average woman.

On a first date, when a guy would still be thinking about getting a woman into bed, thinking he is some sharp guy, the woman has already sized him up, decided whether he’ll get lucky and when he’ll get lucky, what would happen down the line in their relationship, the rhyme of her first name with his surname, and what their kids will look like (yes, all these things zap through a woman’s mind in the few minutes).

The same thing happens with an average woman’s choice of lipstick color. Most times it goes beyond trend. While wearing her make-up she has thought about who she’s going to meet, where she is going to, her mood, and what message she’s trying to send.

A woman shows up to a date or function dressed to the teeth, hair precisely and perfectly coifed, make-up full on, I’m talking primer/foundation/concealer/powder/blush, the whole works, and then she crowns her lips with a fire-engine/blood-red M.A.C Ruby Woo or YSL Rouge Pur Couture  lipstick, please TAKE A HINT: Do not rub-up on her! Shake and subtly squeeze her hand (you know how I mean), hug her side-ways and compliment her. Don’t do the stroking-her-face thing, even though it’s a cute romantic gesture, don’t put your fingers in her hair, and of course, forget about kissing her, at least not right away, you can wait until another day, or until she has eaten and her red lipstick has faded. Anything other than this is messy and awkward for both of you.

This is why you see a lot of women do the half-hug and air-kisses thing. No woman is about to have her perfect make-up ruined for a hug, well, we can lose some powder for ‘a special someone we are really feeling’. Sometimes.

On the other hand, if she shows up wearing a pretty pink lip gloss or some subtle nude lips, again TAKE A HINT: You may think about rubbing-up on her.

It’s all in the lips, read it!



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