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So as I was going through twitter a while ago,  I saw tweets from Richard Mofe-Damijo a.k.a RMD, Nollywood legend, Politician and Philanthropist’s tweets. They are as follows:

I know how gob-smacked you all were when you finished going through the tweets, you’re most likely disgusted at the fact that someone still leaves in the “behind” and is still using names of stars to do insane things. And for those of you who don’t  understand what this is about, there was a fake account opened on twitter with Richard Mofe-Damijo’s name with the handle “@RichardMofeD” while RMD’s actual twitter handle is “@RMofeDamijo”. *so you get the picture?*

So apparently this twitter “impostor” as he was called by the real RMD, was tweeting very harshly and even said something allegedly bad about 2face and Annie. The “impostor” even went as far as opening a fake facebook account too; talk about stalking and obsessing. With a lot of effort from RMD himself and beloved colleagues and fans the fake accounts no longer exists and all is well.

What is my business in this?

Because it hurts to see someone who is part of those who made Nollywood as successful as it is today so unappreciated. Let’s try to support our Nigerian entertainers in every way we can, be it a musician, actor/actress, painter/artist, producer and what have you. Let’s be willing to be on their side anytime any day because whether you realize it or not they play a major role in redefining our country. I mean they are a major part of our going global scheme; See that white band doing Oliver Twist cover naaa!!! Weren’t you impressed? Some people will argue that the person may not be Nigerian, who else will know about the 2face and Annie’s news. There is a 99.9% chance that the person was Nigerian. Let’s support our fellow Nigerians and appreciate their work and effort to make life interesting for us.




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